What tossers mean?

What tossers mean?

a stupid or unpleasant person: Barry’s such a tosser. Stupid and silly people.

Why do Brits say Guv?

The term ‘guv’ or ‘governor’ is most commonly used for a reason by manual tradespeople, to denote the person paying their bill, or the person who orders and accepts their work, to distinguish from the tenant, the property’s legal owner, and so on. The governor is the person who they are answerable to.

Why do Brits say gutted?

Gutted spelt G-U-T-T-E-D is British slang word of pure contextual emotion. To be “gutted” about a situation means to be devastated and saddened. It can be used like this: “His girlfriend broke up with him. He’s absolutely gutted.” meaning he is very sad about the relationship ending.

Is Tosspot a swear word?

Tosspot is a British English insult, used to refer to a stupid or contemptible person, or a drunkard. If any poore man have in a whole week earned a grote, He shal spend it in one houre in tossing the pot.

What do they call fries in England?

French fries (US) are called “chips” in the UK, and “frites” in French-speaking countries.

What is a numpty in British?

The Oxford English Dictionary has launched a search to find the first recorded use in English of the word ‘numpty’, which means a foolish or stupid person. Since the mid-1980s, numpty has been used as a mild term of abuse in Britain.

What is a midge in English slang?

a short person. From “midget”. I’m much taller than that midge.

What words do British people use that Americans don t?

10 British Words That Don’t Make Sense in America

  • Bagsy. According to BBC America, this slang word is the British version of “dibs.” In the U.K., you would just proclaim “bagsy” instead.
  • Chinwag.
  • Cashpoint.
  • Chav.
  • Kip.
  • Doddle.
  • Plonk.
  • Rashers.

Why are there no bidets in the UK?

Not all homes in the UK have bidets because these are a fashion item. If one isn’t available, we recommend having your own jug or bottle of water to use over the toilet. If you would rather use water than toilet paper you must ensure that you have sufficient equipment to be able to clean yourself over the toilet.