What turbo does the N55 have?

What turbo does the N55 have?


BMW N55 engine
Turbocharger Single twin-scroll with Intercooler
Management Bosch MEVD 17.2
Fuel type Petrol

Is the N55 twin turbo?

N55: Single vs. Twin Turbochargers. Arguably, the most significant difference between the N54 and N55 is the turbochargers; the N54 bolsters true twin turbochargers while its N55 counterpart carries a single twin-scroll turbocharger.

How much boost can stock N55 turbo handle?

N55 Max Boost Stock Turbo Summary With a reliable twin-scroll turbo, the N55 is capable of making up to roughly 25-26psi. However, for reliability and longevity reasons, we recommend limiting boost to about 20-21psi. Much over 21psi pushes the turbo well outside its efficiency range for minimal performance gains.

How long do N55 Motors last?

The BMW N55 motor should have no problem lasting over 150,000 miles, and some owners report getting over 250,000 miles out of their engines.

How much psi can a N55 turbo handle?

In general, the max N55 PSI is as follows: 24-26 PSI absolute max boost. 20-21 PSI “safe” limit.

How much boost does a N55 make?

If you’re looking for an actual pressure measurement, it might be hard to find since there’s no boost line to tap in the N55. BMW’s engineers programmed it so that for the first 10,000 miles it makes 12psi of boost… after that it decreases 1psi every 5k miles.

How long do Turbos last N55?

N55 Turbo Longevity at 20+ PSI However, it is possible for N55 turbos to last 50,000+ miles at 23psi, for example. On the other hand, the stock turbo may decide to let go much sooner even at 20psi.

Is the N55 unreliable?

N55 Reliability Despite the many misconceptions that BMW’s as a whole are unreliable, the BMW N55 is actually a fairly reliable engine. The four most common problems with the N55 are, in no specific order, the valve cover and gasket, water pump, oil filter housing gasket, and VANOS solenoids.

How long do Turbos last on N55?

What size is stock N55 turbo?

The turbine is also quite small, approx. 53mm Inducer and 46.1mm Exducer. It is a Journal Bearing Turbo, unlike the EFR.

How long does N55 engine last?