What type of alcohol is slivovitz?

What type of alcohol is slivovitz?

fruit brandy
Slivovitz, slivovitza, slivovitsa, sliboviță, šljivovica, śliwowica, Schlivowitz, slivovice, slivovica or slivovka is a fruit spirit (or fruit brandy) made from damson plums, often referred to as plum spirit (or plum brandy).

What percent alcohol is slivovitz?

Slivovitz with the distinctive aroma and delicate flavor of plums is obtained once the mash from a single batch has been triple distilled. Freshly distilled slivovitz has a relatively high degree of alcohol (around 56% abv; 112 proof) and is therefore diluted with spring water to a final 50% abv (100 proof).

Is slivovitz a vodka?

Slivovitz Traditional Plum Vodka Traditional plum vodka with a rich aroma and taste, which owes to the aged plum distillate. It has a captivating flavor and a moving power. It fits perfectly into the long and rich tradition of plum vodkas in our country.

How should slivovitz be served?

From a pure taste standpoint, slivovitz reaches its height when served in a warm cocktail. It’s essential to my mulled wine and cider, as it enhances the drink’s aromatic properties while adding layers of fruit flavor.

What countries drink slivovitz?

Slivovitz is a popular drink all across Eastern Europe, but especially in the Balkans. Serbia even declared it as their national drink and protected the name and brand. But, it’s not just Eastern Europeans that enjoy it.

Is slivovitz a brandy?

Slivovitz is a type of high-proof plum brandy that was popular with Jewish grandfathers because it’s not only kosher, but since it contains no grain, it’s also kosher-for-Passover (which is, like, extra kosher.)

How long does slivovitz last?

Although the shelf life of brandy is generally considered to be 2-3 years for a sealed container, the bottle can last indefinitely if left unopened.

Who drinks slivovitz?

Who Drinks Slivovitz? is a regional brandy that still remains incredibly popular in Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Bosnia, Czech Republic, and Serbia. It’s derived from the Slavic root word for plum, and it’s typically 100 to 140 proof.

Does slivovitz have sugar?

During the production process of all spirits, sugar is present in large amounts….Does Blackberry Brandy Have Sugar In It?

Serving Ingredient Calories
15.42 g sugar 60
19.28 g liquor 45

What country is slivovitz from?

Slivovitz hails from Serbia, where it is the official national drink, but it is also a globally recognized brand that’s becoming more and more popular. It’s made out of a special variety of plums that have been previously fermented.

What do you mix with slivovitz?


  • 1.5 oz Slivovitz.
  • . 75 oz lemon juice.
  • . 75 oz simple syrup.
  • 1 egg (or 1 oz pasteurized egg in a carton)
  • Angostura bitters, for garnish.

Who makes slivovitz?

Maraska Slivovitz Old Plum Brandy Croatia 750ml.