What was the real GDP in 2013?

What was the real GDP in 2013?

Current-dollar GDP increased 3.4 percent, or $558.4 billion, in 2013, compared with an increase of 4.6 percent, or $710.8 billion, in 2012. During 2013 (that is, measured from the fourth quarter of 2012 to the fourth quarter of 2013) real GDP increased 2.7 percent.

Who had the largest GDP in 2013?

Gross Domestic Product in TOP 10 Largest Economies 2013

Rank Country 2013
1 United States 16,800
2 China 9,240
3 Japan 4,901
4 Germany 3,634

Which country has the fastest growing economy in the world 2013?

India to become world’s fastest growing economy by 2013-15: Morgan Stanley – Times of India.

What is the GDP of USA in percentage?

In 2021, the United States accounted for 15.74 percent of global gross domestic product (GDP) after adjusting for purchasing power parity (PPP).

Why America has the highest GDP?

A financial system that supports entrepreneurship. The U.S. has a more developed system of equity finance than the countries of Europe, including angel investors willing to finance startups and a very active venture capital market that helps finance the growth of those firms.

What was GDP in 2011?

$15,599,700 million
GDP grows 1.5% in United States The GDP figure in 2011 was $15,599,700 million, United States is the world’s leading economy with regard to GDP, as can be seen in the ranking of GDP of the 196 countries that we publish. The absolute value of GDP in United States dropped $550,700 million with respect to 2010.

Is USA still the richest country?

Which is the richest country in the world 2021? China is the richest country in the world. It has recently surpassed the United States as the richest country in the world.