Where is the best beach weather in June?

Where is the best beach weather in June?

Best Beaches in the World in June

  • Bali, Indonesia. 30° 9.6h.
  • Paros, Greece. 27° 12.5h.
  • Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. 35° 7.8h.
  • Paje, Tanzania. 29° 9.8h.
  • Skopelos, Greece. 27° 10.4h.
  • Anguilla Island, Anguilla. 30° 8.7h. 5.2d.
  • Santorini, Greece. 28° 22° 12.4h.
  • Ios, Greece. 28° 22° 12.5h.

Where is best to go in June for a holiday?

Where to go on holiday in June: 24 top destinations

  1. The Amalfi Coast, Italy. Temperature: 27°C high; 22°C low.
  2. Mykonos, Greece. Temperature: 27°C high; 21°C low.
  3. San Sebastian, Spain. Temperature: 21°C high; 15°C low.
  4. Devon, England. Temperature: 19°C high; 10°C low.
  5. Copenhagen.
  6. Quebec, Canada.
  7. Corsica.
  8. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Where is the warmest place in Europe in June?

Europe’s Hottest Cities in Summer

High °F High °C City
87.3 30.7 Athens, Greece
87.0 30.6 Podgorica, Montenegro
86.8 30.4 Rome, Italy
86.4 30.2 Tirana, Albania

Where is very hot in June?

The most popular destinations in June

Hot favourites in June
Greek Islands 24°C 5 hrs
Majorca 21°C 2.5 hrs
Tenerife 21°C 4.5 hrs
Turkey 23°C 4 hrs

Where is hot in June long haul?

The Mediterranean is the obvious region to visit in June with long sunny days, low humidity and temperatures reaching the high 20s. Further afield, the Caribbean (31ºC) is great value. June in the Mediterranean offers long days of sunshine and uncrowded resorts.

Which Caribbean island should I visit in June?

Although the Caribbean is home to a number of great beaches, the best ones to visit in June include Turks and Caicos for snorkeling; Jamaica for cheap, all-inclusive resorts; Bonaire for scuba diving; and Grand Cayman Island and swimming with stingrays.

Is the Caribbean good in June?

Good Time May, June and November tend to be good times to visit the Caribbean. Falling just outside the rainy season, these months still enjoy great weather, but tend to be quieter and cost less than the peak winter months. While there may be the risk of the odd shower you can expect plenty of sunshine too.

Where is guaranteed sun June?

In June, Cape Verde and the Canary Islands are perfectly aligned with the sun.

Where is hot in long haul in June?

Peru. High on the travel lists for many intrepid explorers, Peru is perfect if you’re looking for a long-haul destination that is hot in June. This country is perhaps most famous for the iconic and awe-inspiring Incan citadel of Machu Picchu that sits high on the Andes mountains.

Where is hot in short haul June?

How is Maldives in June?

June is the wet monsoon season in Maldives making the weather hot, humid and windy. June experiences almost constant cloud cover with the highest chance of cloudy conditions at the beginning of the month.

How is Mauritius in June?

Weather in Mauritius in June Having a tropical climate, Mauritius remains warm and sunny throughout the year. June marks the beginning of the cold and dry -winter season in the country. The average high during the day-time in June is 25 degrees Celsius, while the average low is 17 degrees Celsius.

Is June a good month to go to the Caribbean?

Which is the driest Caribbean island in June?

June Weather in the Caribbean The rainiest weather is found in the more northern islands, including Cuba and the Bahamas, while the driest islands will be in the southern region—Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao—at the end of the dry season.

Which Caribbean island has best weather in June?

Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in June Five destinations that historically have good June weather are Antigua, Aruba, Curaçao, St. Maarten and St. Thomas: Antigua with an average daytime temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit or 31 Celsius.

Is Crete or Corfu hotter in June?

This is one time of year when, contrary to what you might expect, Corfu is actually hotter than Crete.

Is Rhodes or Crete hotter in June?

Which Greek island is hottest in June? The hottest greek island in June is Crete. In general, June has very predictable weather and it will be sunny 99.9% of the time with very nice summer temperatures but Crete overall is the warmest of all the greek islands or even mainland Greece.

Where is hot and cheap in June?

Best cheap holiday destinations for June including where it’s hot and sunny with a week’s holiday under £300pp

  1. Costa Brava. A beach in Costa Brava ( LOOK)
  2. Corfu. ( iStockphoto)
  3. Krakow. ( Moment RF)
  4. Crete. ( www.alamy.com)
  5. Turkey. ( iStockphoto)
  6. Rhodes. St Paul’s Bay in Rhodes ( GETTY)
  7. Paris. Paris (
  8. Costa Dorada. Costa Dorada (

Is it worth going to the Maldives in June?

June is also a great time to visit Maldives as the country experiences the lowest tourism activity at this time of the year. Being a completely off season, Maldives is essentially the cheapest in June. If you wish to visit the Maldives on a budget, June is the perfect time to explore.