Where is the Intel in Modern Warfare 3?

Where is the Intel in Modern Warfare 3?

As you head down the street, look for an open house to your right before the street turns west. Inside one of the smaller room on an end table you’ll find the intel.

Where is the intel on the bog?

The Bog (2 Intel) Intel #8 can be found after climbing the staircase. On the way, you’ll be able to save your squadmate by killing an enemy hiding on the stairs. Your team will shortly after blast open a door with a shotgun. The intel is to the immediate left once you enter this door.

What do you get for collecting all Intel?

Yep. Collect all 10 intel suitcases and you get the Covert Ops perk.

Where is the Intel in the only easy day was yesterday?

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday 3/3: Modern Warfare 2 intel 24/45. As you fight your way round deck three, after the helicopter arrives, you’ll reach the first corner. Climb the stairs on your right, then go down the stairs inside the building. The final intel is underneath these stairs indoors.

What happens if you collect all the intel in Operation Anchorage?

There will be a congratulatory message after collecting each one and, if all 10 are found, General Chase will commend the player character’s intelligence-gathering ability and they will receive the Covert Ops perk as a reward.

How many Intel items are there in Modern Warfare 3?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 intel locations guide ACT 1 Black Tuesday (5 intel items) Hunter Killer (2 intel items) Persona Non Grata (4 intel items) Turbulence (2 intel items) Back on the Grid (3 intel items) Mind the Gap (3 intel items)

Where to find intel in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Intel locations guide. 1 Crew Expendable. Infiltrate the cargo ship. Locate the package. 2 Blackout. 3 Charlie Don’t Surf. 4 The Bog. 5 Hunted.

Where can I find the Intel in the warehouse?

The intel should be sitting in the corner of the dark portion of the room. After reaching the loading area and before opening the back of the truck, head to the loading bay near the warehouse.

How many Intel items can you collect in Call of duty?

Collect 46 Intel items. Intel, like in past Call of Duty games, is represented by hidden laptops. Check this page for the locations of all hidden intel/laptops in the game. Collected intel (laptops) will not re-appear in a level if it has been collected and saved to your Xbox Gamertag or PlayStation ID.