Where is the wrathful vendor?

Where is the wrathful vendor?

Xazi Smolderpipe This NPC can be found in Dalaran (2).

Where can I buy wrathful gear?

Find your way to Northrend Dalaran’s Sewer, speak to Xazi Smolderpipe and buy the Ensemble: Wrathful Gladiator’s Plate Armor for 12 Marks of Honor. Once you buy and use it, simply head to a transmog vendor and the belt will be waiting for you!

How do you get wrathful gladiator’s silk armor?

This 5-piece set is sold by First Sergeant Hola’mahi in Orgrimmar, Sergeant Major Clate in Stormwind City, Vixton Pinchwhistle in Tanaris, and Krixel Pinchwhistle in Dalaran. Legs and gloves, as well as accessories, drop from Toravon the Ice Watcher on 25m.

Where can I buy cruel Gladiator’s Plate Armor?

This item can be purchased in Dalaran (2).

Where can I buy malevolent Gladiator gear?

This set is sold by the following vendors for 10,250 :

  • Doris Chiltonius in Kun-Lai Summit.
  • Lucan Malory in Valley of the Four Winds.

Where do you get cruel gladiator gear in Shadowlands?

Where is prideful Gladiator’s Plate Armor horde?

This item can be purchased in Kun-Lai Summit .

Where is the prideful Gladiator vendor horde?

It’s sold by Shonn-su on the Serpent’s Spine in Kun-Lai Summit for horde and by Starlight Sinclair on the Serpent’s Spine near Paoquan Hollow for Alliance. For Alliance the nearest flight path is Lion’s Redoubt in The Dread Wastes.

How do you find Lieutenant Surtees?

Lieutenant Surtees Always up to date. “He is located in the area behind the portal to the paladin order hall, near the siege engines.”

Where is the Greyfang enclave?

The Greyfang Enclave is located on the south western part of Dalaran City, having replaced the Silver Enclave with the movement of the Silver Covenant. While remaining as the Alliance segregated region, the district is manned and guarded by members of the Gilnean Army, under the command of King Genn Greymane.

Where is the cruel gladiator vendor horde?