Where was Gasland filmed?

Where was Gasland filmed?

The documentary “Gasland,” which premieres tonight on HBO, begins and ends in Dimock, a rural area of Susquehanna County, Pa., where kitchen sinks began to spit methane and catch fire after Cabot Oil & Gas Co. started drilling wells nearby.

Who made Gasland?

Josh Fox is angry. A few years ago, he received a note in the mail saying he could lease his family’s land in Pennsylvania for about $100,000 to natural gas companies.

What are the Mendenhall’s able to do with their water?

Their hair was falling out. Where did the mystery liquid in the jar come from? What are the Mendenhalls able to do with their water? Jesse and Amee Ellsworth have contaminated water that can also be lit on fire.

When did gasland come out?

September 15, 2010 (USA)GasLand / Release date

What was contained in the jar that Josh collected in Dimock?

A scared resident of Dimock, Pa., handed him a jar of yellow stuff that came from his well. In this water was a refractant that dissolves fish gills. John Hanger, secretary of the Pennsylvania DEP, tells Mr. Fox, “There is no such thing as a perfect source of energy.

What is in the flow back pits?

These open-air pits are used as a means of storing flowback water, a waste product of hydraulic fracturing, and represent an understudied source of VOC exposure for workers.

How many gallons of water are needed per frack?

The average fracking job uses roughly 4 million gallons of water per well – or about as much water as New York City uses every six minutes and about 1.3 percent of the water used by the country’s car washes every day.

What is flowback fluid?

Flowback is a mixture of water, dirt, sand, and chemicals that flows to the surface after a well has been hydraulically fracked. Flowback resurfaces after frac fluid (an abbreviation of fracturing fluid) is injected into an oil or natural gas well to reduce friction pressure and create a fracture.

Which state Fracks the most?

Shale Region Shale Oil Production States
Permian Basin 2,286,000 bpd Mostly Texas, though some production comes from New Mexico
Eagle Ford Shale 1,144,000 bpd Texas
Bakken Shale 964,000 bpd Mostly North Dakota, though some production comes from Montana
Niobrara Shale 444,000 bpd Colorado and Wyoming

What state does the most fracking?

Pennsylvania, home to the Marcellus field, has more active wells than any other state. Fracking happens across much of the U.S., in states such as North Dakota, Arkansas, Texas, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Pennsylvania.