Which just dance game has Moves Like Jagger?

Which just dance game has Moves Like Jagger?

Just Dance 4
“Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera is featured on Just Dance 4, Just Dance Wii U, Just Dance Now, and Just Dance Unlimited. The song is also featured on Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance 2015 as a downloadable track.

Who is Moves Like Jagger based on?

ADAM LEVINE: (Singing) Oh, yeah. RAZ: It’s called “Moves Like Jagger,” and the band is Maroon 5. And if you haven’t already guessed, the song is an homage of sorts to Mick Jagger. It is far and away the biggest hit from Maroon 5 and its front man, Adam Levine.

What did Mick Jagger think of the song Moves Like Jagger?

Mick Jagger has confessed that Maroon 5’s hit ‘Moves Like Jagger’ has put pressure on his dancing. The Rolling Stones frontman admitted that he found the song “funny” and joked that he wishes he had written the track himself. Speaking about the song, Jagger is quoted by The Sun as saying: “It’s very catchy. It’s funny.

What did Mick Jagger think of Maroon 5 song Moves Like Jagger?

What year was Moves Like Jagger released?

2010Moves Like Jagger / Released

What is Benny Blanco most famous song?

Benny Blanco’s Official Top 20 biggest productions for other artists:

2 PERFECT 2017

What did Mick Jagger say about song Moves Like Jagger?

What is the name of the song with Moves Like Jagger?

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What is Christina Aguilera’s song with Moves Like Jagger?

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Why is Mick Jagger so good at moving his body?

” [His moves are] a very carefully calculated, but slightly spastic, incredible rhythmic experience, in which all of your limbs and every bone in your body is moving at completely different times, and it’s impossible to re-create. Nobody has moves like Jagger, that’s kind of the point. That’s why the song is so fun, it’s fun to try.”

How do I find Moves Like Jagger in filtra?

Select “Moves like Jagger” in the “Filtra” field. Select “Singoli” under “Sezione”. ^ “Japanese single digital certifications” (in Japanese). Recording Industry Association of Japan. Retrieved August 16, 2020.