Who does Mercutio curse as he is dying?

Who does Mercutio curse as he is dying?

Romeo and Juliet Review

With whom is Romeo madly in love for the first two scenes of the play? Rosaline
In what decade was Romeo and Juliet written? 1590’s
Whom does Mercutio curse as he lies dying after a duel? The Montagues and Capulets
In what area is Friar Lawrence an expert? Plants and herbs

What was Mercutio’s curse?

Mercutio curses both the Capulets and Montagues as he dies in Act 3, Scene 1. His curse “a plague o’ both your houses!” shows that he blames the two families for killing him. Mercutio believes that he had to fight Tybalt to protect the Montague reputation. So, the curse serves a few purposes.

What reasons does Friar Laurence give Romeo to be happy in Act 3 Scene 3?

The Friar gives Romeo three reasons for being happy: Juliet is alive; he is alive, and he is only banished not killed. 7. What does the Nurse give to Romeo? 7.

How is Romeo accidentally to blame for Mercutio’s death?

How is Romeo accidentally responsible for Mercutio’s death? He was trying to break up the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio. Tybalt stuck his sword under Romeo’s arm and killed him. It would give Juliet enough time to mourn Tybalt’s death.

What admonition advice does Friar Laurence give Romeo in Scene 3?

One admonition Friar Laurence gives Romeo in Act 3, Scene 3 is to warn him that his ungratefulness is a “deadly sin.” When Romeo wails that being banished from Verona is “purgatory, torture, hell itself,” in other words, worse than death, Friar Laurence refers to his lack of gratitude and lack of perspective as, “O …

What advice does Friar Laurence give Romeo?

At the end of Act II, scene iii, just after he has agreed to marry Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence offers Romeo the following advice: Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.

Who does Romeo blame for the death of Tybalt?

Romeo blames himself for Mercutio’s death because he placed his love for Juliet before consideration of his friend. Romeo thus attacks Tybalt to assuage his guilt. However, by doing so, he disregards any effect that his choice may have on Juliet.

Is Benvolio’s version of the fight accurate?

Is Benvolio accoun of the fighting entirely accurate? No, Mercutio was his friend and leaved out the part about Mercutio forcing the fight. hoe do you know it;s true that Romeo. Romeo gets exiled from Verona, and if he returns he will be killed.

Why does Mercutio curse both of the houses?

Therefore, when Mercutio says, “A plague o’ both your houses,” he is cursing both the Capulet family (Tybalt’s family) and Montague family (Romeo’s family) because he sees his death as a consequence of their feud. He seems to repeat the curse for emphasis.

What three pieces of advice does the Friar give Romeo?

With the three reasons provided by Friar Laurence, he emphasized that Romeo should be happy, not suicidal, because Juliet is alive and his wife; he is alive, having defeated Tybalt; and, he was fortunate to have been banished rather than executed, and he still has an opportunity to return to Verona, request a pardon …

What happens after Tybalt kills Mercutio?

Tybalt stabs Mercutio under Romeo’s arm, and as Mercutio falls, Tybalt and his men hurry away. Mercutio dies, cursing both the Montagues and the Capulets: “A plague o’ both your houses” (3.1. When Tybalt, still angry, storms back onto the scene, Romeo draws his sword. They fight, and Romeo kills Tybalt.