Who has the most Cy Young Award wins?

Who has the most Cy Young Award wins?

Roger Clemens
Roger Clemens (7 Cy Young Awards) The Rocket is the Cy Young Award record-holder, with an incredible seven. Clemens won Cy Young Awards in both leagues, with four different teams: the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Yankees and Astros.

Who was the last reliever to win Cy Young?

Only four relief pitchers have won a Cy Young Award in the past 35 years, the last coming in 2003 when Eric Gagne captured the honor.

How many people have won multiple Cy Youngs?

Roger Clemens has won the award the most times with seven, Randy Johnson has won it five times, and Steve Carlton and Greg Maddux have each won it four times. Gaylord Perry, Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, Roy Halladay and Max Scherzer have won the award in both leagues.

Who won 3 Cy Young Awards?

Steve Carlton in 1982 became the first pitcher to win more than three Cy Young Awards, while Greg Maddux in 1994 became the first to win at least three in a row (and received a fourth straight the following year), a feat later repeated by Randy Johnson.

Did Babe Ruth ever win MVP?

League Awards (1922–1929) Voters were required to select one player from each team and player-coaches and prior award winners were ineligible. Famously, these criteria resulted in Babe Ruth winning only a single MVP award before it was dropped after 1928.

Who is the greatest relief pitcher of all time?

Mariano Rivera
The Greatest Relievers of All Time

Rank First Last
1 Mariano Rivera
2 Hoyt Wilhelm
3 Goose Gossage
4 Joe Nathan

Was Lou Gehrig ever MVP?

Lou Gehrig, Not Babe Ruth, Was Voted the American League’s MVP in 1927.

Who will win the NL Cy Young?

The award is expected to go to Harper, who is the betting favorite and already the winner of the Hank Aaron Award and the Player’s Choice award for Outstanding NL Player. Cy Young announcements come tonight. Orel Hershiser will make the National League announcement and Jack McDowell will present in the American League.

Who should win the NL Cy Young Award?

The baseball writers with NL Cy Young votes this year are in for a doozy. Entering play Friday, there are between five and 10 legitimate contenders for this year’s award, one that will certainly come down to the final series of the regular season. Will Max Scherzer win his fourth…

Who won the NL Cy Young?

Who Won the NL Cy Young? The winner of the NL Cy Young award will be announced on Wednesday, Nov. 17. 2021 NL Cy Young Award Winner. Corbin Burnes of the Milwaukee Brewers on the NL Cy Young award for the 2021 MLB season. Burnes pitched to an MLB-leading 2.43 ERA across 28 starts, recording 12.6 strikeouts per nine innings and a 0.940 WHIP.

Who is the youngest Cy Young winner?

– The oldest player to win a Cy Young Award is Roger Clemens, who claimed the prize at age 42 in 2004 (going 18-4, 2.98 for the Astros). – The Youngest CY Award winner was Dwight Gooden, who captured the award in 1985 (age 20), with a 24-4. 1.53 season for the Mets.