Who is Gen TY Danjuma?

Who is Gen TY Danjuma?

Theophilus Danjuma

Lieutenant General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma GCON
Succeeded by Ipoola Alani Akinrinade
Personal details
Born 9 December 1938 Takum, Northern Region, British Nigeria
Political party Peoples Democratic Party

Where did TY Danjuma come from?

Takum, NigeriaTheophilus Danjuma / Place of birthTakum is a Local Government Area in Taraba State, Nigeria. Its headquarters is in the town of Takum, it is created out of Wukari local government in june 1976, at 7°16′00″N 9°59′00″E. Takum borders the Republic of Cameroon in the south, Ussa Local Wikipedia

Who is Ty Danjuma wife?

Daisy DanjumaTheophilus Danjuma / Wife

When was Ty Danjuma born?

December 9, 1938 (age 83 years)Theophilus Danjuma / Date of birth

How old is Danjuma?

25 years (January 31, 1997)Arnaut Danjuma / Age

Who is Caroline Danjuma husband?

Musa DanjumaCarolyna Hutchings / Husband (m. 2007)

Who is Caroline Danjuma married to?

Musa DanjumaCarolyna Hutchings / Spouse (m. 2007)

Who is the highest ranking officer in Nigeria?

Chief of the Defence Staff (Nigeria)

Chief of the Defence Staff
Incumbent General Lucky Irabor since 26 January 2021
Ministry of Defence
Type Highest ranking Nigerian military officer
Abbreviation CDS

How much did Villarreal pay for Danjuma?

Danjuma became the Yellows’ second biggest signing of all time when he arrived from Bournemouth last summer. The Dutchman joined for a touch under €25million, and in the Champions League, particularly, he has not disappointed.

How old is Carol ekanem?

42 years (June 26, 1980)Carolyna Hutchings / Age

How old is carolyna Danjuma?

What rank is 1 star in Nigeria army?

Brigadier General (1-Star General) Colonel. Lieutenant Colonel.

Who is general Lucky irabor?

Lucky Eluonye Onyenuchea Irabor (born 5 October 1965) is a Nigerian Army General and the current Chief of Defence Staff of Nigeria. He was appointed by Muhammadu Buhari on 26 January 2021.

Where is Danjuma going?

Villarreal CF#15 / Forward
Netherlands national football teamForward
Arnaut Danjuma/Current teams

Is Caroline Danjuma a Nigerian?

Carolyna Hutchings, known previously as Caroline Danjuma and Caroline Ekanem, is a Nigerian actress. She made her screen debut in 2004, starring in some of Chico Ejiro’s popular films.