Who is Soundarya Rajinikanth husband?

Who is Soundarya Rajinikanth husband?

Vishagan Vanangamudim. 2019
Ashwin Ramkumarm. 2010–2017
Soundarya Rajinikanth/Husband

Is Ashwin Ramkumar married?

Soundarya RajinikanthAshwin Ramkumar / Spouse (m. 2010–2017)

Is Actress Soundarya married?

G. S. RaghuSoundarya / Spouse (m. 2003–2004)

What happened to actress Soundarya?

Death. On 17 April 2004, Soundarya died in an aircraft crash along with her brother Amarnath while travelling to Karimnagar from Bangalore during an election campaign to support Bharatiya Janata Party, which she had joined that year.

Why did Dhanush marry early?

The couple has an age difference of two years which didn’t go well with the conservative cult but Dhanush expressed that he has no problem marrying a woman older than him. ADVT. Both the families decided to arrange their wedding and it was a lavish affair, the cost of which speculated for the years to follow!

Is Soundarya Rajinikanth married twice?

Soundarya was earlier married to businessman Ashwin, and the two are parents to five-year-old son Ved. The two tied the knot in 2010 and filed for divorce in 2016. Soundarya had taken to Twitter to inform her followers about the divorce, “News about my marriage is true.

Is Actress Soundarya a Brahmin?

Soundarya was born in the Ashtagrama villages and was a Smartha Brahmin. She married her maternal uncle and childhood friend, software engineer G. S. Raghu on 27,April, 2003.

Why did danush divorce Quora?

No Love last as finance problem can kill people !!! Danush doesn’t want to get into Financial problems of the Wife’s ventures (all movies bust in recent times) as even Rajini told all his wealth will go to charity after his death… It is only in movies that man and wife are wedded to each other for life !

Are Aishwarya and Dhanush still together?

In January, Aishwarya and Dhanush had announced that they are parting ways and the news had left their fans heartbroken. Their statement had read, “18 years of togetherness as friends, couple, as parents and well-wishers to each other. The journey has been of growth, understanding, adjusting, and adapting.

Is nagavalli real?

“I am a very strong person, so neither Nagavalli nor any other spirit can haunt me.” For the uninitiated, Nagavalli, who suffers from split-personality, is a fictional character in Manichitrathazhu, originally made in Malayalam. while filming the horse sequences.

How did danush and Aishwarya meet?

Dhanush had first met Aishwaryaa on the release day of his film Kadhal Kondaen. In an interview with Times Of India a few years ago, the actor recalled his first meeting with Aishwaryaa and he said, “At the first day’s show of my film Kadhal Kondaen, we as a family went to watch it.

Why did danush separated?

Kasthuri Raja, in an interview with Dailythandhi newspaper, said that Dhanush and Aishwaryaa’s split has taken place due to a disagreement. “It is a family quarrel that usually takes place between a married couple.” Apparently, this is not a divorce, Raja said.

Who is Soundarya Soundarya?

Soundarya is the founder of ‘Ocher Picture Productions’ and in 2007, her production house signed an agreement with Warner Bros Entertainment Inc to partner up in producing and distributing Tamil films. In 2010, she produced a Tamil film, Goa. This is the first film of her production house.

Is Soundarya Rai’s husband Raghu Shetty secretly married a girl from Goa?

But now strange news has hit the film industry, Raghu being the only care taker of Soundarya ’s properties in India and abroad is maintaining a secret family. Raghu is known to have married a girl from Goa secretly without any information even to Soundarya parents.

Who is Soundarya Rajinikanth’s husband?

On 27 April 2003, she married G. S. Raghu, a software engineer by profession. Soundarya’s first movie was the Kannada film Gandharva in 1992. In the same year, she acted in the Telugu movie Raithu Bharatham, with Krishna, directed by Tripuraneni Sriprasad alias Varaprasad.

How old is Soundarya Kalyan?

Soundarya’s birthdate has been reported inconsistently by the media. While several sources indicate the birthdate as 18 July 1972, the others including The Times of India stated it to be 18 July 1976. On 27 April 2003, she married G. S. Raghu, a software engineer by profession.