Who is the owner of Happy Lemon?

Who is the owner of Happy Lemon?

the Yummy-Town Group
HAPPY LEMON’s SUCCESS STORY Happy Lemon is a world-leading beverage chain founded in 2006 by the Yummy-Town Group, a publicly listed tea culture company originating in Taiwan.

Is Happy Lemon only in California?

Happy Lemon spans around the world in over 1500 locations including Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Where was happy lemon founded?

Shanghai, China
Happy Lemon, which was first founded in Shanghai, China in 2006 and now includes more than 1,000 locations around the globe, has just launched a store on Convoy Street that also happens to be its largest worldwide.

What is happy lemon known for?

Happy Lemon is known for its bright and fruity citrus tea and unique salted cheese drinks. We ordered five separate drinks across the entire spectrum, from classic staples to Happy Lemon exclusives. Overall, the tea is well-brewed, with distinct leafy flavors often not found in sweeter teas.

How much is the franchise of happy lemon?

How much does the Happy Lemon franchise cost? Happy Lemon has a franchise fee of up to $40,000, with a total initial investment range of $309,000 to $509,000.

Does happy lemon have rewards program?

Royalty & Reward System — Happy Lemon.

Is Happy Lemon Japanese?

Happy Lemon is a global bubble tea franchise established in China in 2006. Happy Lemon spans around the world in over 1,500 locations including mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, United Arab, Emirates, United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Does happy lemon have caffeine?

Fruit Smoothies (Large Size Only) Medium. large. No caffeine.

What is crystal Boba?

Crystal Boba – also called Agar Boba or White Pearls – has a chewy yet not-so-jelly-bouncy, gelatin texture. The beautiful, translucent spheres are immersed in the syrup with a subtle grapefruit, citrus flavor. It is ready-made for use on bubble tea, frozen yogurt, shaved ice, or iced beverage.

What’s best at Happy Lemon?


  • Freshly Squeezed Lime Black Tea.
  • Lemon Yakult with Aloe.
  • Mango Lemon Slushy.
  • Fresh Lemon Honey Green Tea.
  • Yakult Green Tea.
  • Matcha Latte with Tiramisu Salted Cheese.
  • Mango Matcha Latte Smoothie.
  • Milk Tea with Taro Balls.

Who is the owner of Happy Cup?

Established in May 2017, HAPPY CUP is the business venture of celebrity sisters, Toni Gonzaga-Soriano and Alex Gonzaga, together with the Company’s Board of Directors – Crisanta Gonzaga, Carlito Gonzaga, and Khrizia Burgos.

Is 7 leaves a franchise?

7 Leaves Cafe Franchising – Opportunity is with you. Our Franchise Team offers extensive support to build a lasting relationship. We place trust in one another so that we can help each other succeed. The products we serve are great-tasting, high quality drinks, yet our operations are simple.

How many happy lemon locations are there?

Founded in 2006, aiming for international expansion, so far Happy Lemon has branches over 100 different cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Taipei, Hong Kong in China region, globally we have also shops across USA, Australia, Philippine, Thailand, South Korea, Thailand, and more to follow.

Does happy lemon use lactose free milk?

3 Answers. Mike L. We use non dairy, lactose and cholesterol free creamer.

What flavor is rainbow boba?

In this version of boba tea, rainbow jellies are used in place of tapioca pearls. The jellies are made from real coconut meat, and each has a slight coconut taste with a unique fruit flavor. The rainbow jellies are a bit softer, and their firm texture adds an extraordinary taste to your bubble tea.

What is the most popular drink at happy lemon?

Here’s the Top 10 Best-selling Drinks of Happy Lemon:

  • Cocoa Oreo RSC.
  • Oreo Milk Tea.
  • Milk Tiger.
  • OG Milk Tea with Pearls.
  • Milk Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese.
  • Creamy Baby.
  • Tiger Milk Tea. Swirled Brown Sugar Milk with Pearls and Rock Salt and Cheese on top.
  • Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese. Specialty Drink:

What is salted cheese at Happy Lemon?

It’s true, the concept sounds horrible, but in this case, the “cheese” topping is more like a thick layer of creamy, salted foam that tops each drink. It’s made with cream cheese, whipped cream, milk and a hint of rock salt.

How much is a happy cup franchise in the Philippines?

Happy Cup Franchise Information Franchise fee: Cart – Php 250,000. Outlet and Kiosk – From Php 300,000 to Php 350,000. Area franchise – Php 750,000.

Who are the owners of 7 leaves?

7LEAves Cafe, owned by the four Nguyen brothers Sonny, Quang, Ha, Vinh and other family members Mai Ly, Denny Ly, Triet Ho, and Viet Do first started in 2012 in Little Saigon.