Who is touring with 5 Seconds of Summer?

Who is touring with 5 Seconds of Summer?

5 Seconds of Summer are trying to bring new music to the world and they’re doing an absolutely amazing job at it. They are currently touring with One Direction on their stadium tour.

Who is 5SOS touring with 2022?

Tour dates

Date City Opening act(s)
24 June 2022 Austin Pale Waves
25 June 2022 Irving
26 June 2022 The Woodlands

When did 5SOS go on tour with 1d?

5SOS toured with One Direction in 2014 and the boys have just opened up about what it was like supporting the biggest boyband in the world. 5SOS accompanied One Direction on their ‘Take Me Home’, ‘Where We Are’ and ‘On The Road Again’ tours from 2013 to 2015, two years after first forming their group.

Who was the fifth member of 5 Seconds of Summer?

The band 5 Seconds of Summer stopped by The Late Late Show on Monday night and while they were there, they settled the speculation behind the “5” in their name — well, kind of. In this hilarious spoof, host James Corden reveals he was actually the band’s original fifth member.

Is 5SOS 2021 tour Cancelled?

Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer have announced their upcoming No Shame tour dates for 2021.

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Who are 5 seconds of Summer’s 2019 Australian tour lineup?

This time taking place in Sydney, Australia on 3 July 2019, the sold-out concert featured 5 Seconds of Summer as headliners, with Amy Shark, Genesis Owusu, and several other artists as support acts.

Who are 5 seconds of summer?

And that Ain’t No Lie #AintNoLie #SLFLBirmingham #SoundsLiveFeelsLive 5 Seconds of Summer is a pop-rock (wanna be punk rock) band that consists of Luke Hemmings (guitar, vocals), Michael Clifford (guitar, vocals), Calum Hood (bass, vocals), and Ashton Irwin (drums, vocals).

What happened at 5 seconds of Summer’s Birmingham concert?

When 5 Seconds of Summer came on stage, the heat and noise level rose. The opening song was so moving, which was followed by all their hits as well as favourites from both albums, as well as songs such as Heartache On The Big Screen and Disconnected. As with all Birmingham concerts, there was many laughs.

Is 5 seconds of summer going on tour in 2022?

5 Seconds of Summer will be on the road for their 2022 tour. Summer is going to last more than five seconds for the band 5 Seconds of Summer in 2022. That’s because the pop group has lined up dozens of huge concerts at venues all over the world and across North America.