Who owns Hiwatt now?

Who owns Hiwatt now?

Investors/entrepreneurs Darren Atkinson and Alex Bak have successfully acquired ownership and official trademarks for Hiwatt across the world.

Where are Hiwatt amps made?

the UK
Hiwatt is the only British production Custom Shop amplifier line completely built in the UK. Our Custom Shop has no imported PC boards with plug-in wiring, no woodworking from overseas and only UK manufactured Fane and Celestion speakers.

Who founded Hiwatt amps?

engineer Dave Reeves
British audio engineer Dave Reeves founded Hiwatt in the mid-1960s (the exact date varies from source to source). To raise enough money to get his company up and running, he contracted with Ivor Arbiter’s Sound City music store to build a line of amps bearing the store’s name.

What AMP is a Hiwatt based on?

Starting in the late 1960s, together with Marshall and Vox, Hiwatt contributed to the sonic image popularly termed “British sound”….Hiwatt.

HIWATT amplifier with Fender Precision bass
Type Pro Audio/Amplication
Founded Surrey, England (1966)
Founder Dave Reeves
Headquarters England

Who used Hiwatt amps?


  • Led Zeppelin.
  • Pink Floyd.
  • The Who.
  • Aerosmith.
  • Anderson Tocci.
  • Antibalas.
  • Badfinger.
  • Blodwyn Pig.

What AMP is a hiwatt based on?

Who used Sound City amps?

Prior to using the famed Hiwatt amplifiers, Pete Townshend used customised Sound City L100 100-watt amplifiers, starting in May 1967 and continuing to late 1968 (John Entwistle began with Sound City amps in early 1967).

When was the first guitar amplifier made?

This design would prove to be crucial to the development of amps. Beauchamp and Rickenbacke would go on to form the Electro String company, and would create the first production-model dedicated electric guitar amplifier in 1932.

When did tube amps stop being made?

Then in the 1970s, the vacuum tube amplifier was finally being replaced by the much cheaper, stable and cleaner sound of the solid state amp thanks to the creation of the solid-state transistor.

What was the first solid state guitar amp?

Among the first solid state guitar amplifiers there are models from Italian Davoli Krundaal, American Kay, Kustom and Gibson, British Burns, Vox and WEM. Fender arrives in 1966 with the Super Showman amp (designed by humbucking pickup inventor Seth Lover).

Are solid-state amps worse?

In a nutshell, tube amps are the go-to for most musicians – they’re louder, smoother, and more responsive. Solid state amps are more, well, solid, and can take a bit more punishment then a fragile tube amp.

Who plays solid-state amps?

David Gilmour, Buckethead, Jeff Beck & others – The Rockman It hit the market in 1982 and had a very distinct sound that was often used to add contrast to the powerful overdriven sounds that dominated the airwaves of the 1980s.