Who owns map Genie?

Who owns map Genie?

Gfinity Digital Media has partnered with Magic Lamp Technologies Limited, the owner and operator of MapGenie.io.

What is an IGN map?

IGN National Park Maps (1:75,000) – A fairly detailed map to cover the entire area of a National Park. Ideal for the tourist; this is the IGN map for planning day trips, short breaks and road cycling in towns or in the countryside.

How do you play a map game?

How to play it

  1. Firstly read the rules, scenario and past turns.
  2. Chose a nation\organisation.
  3. Put your name beside the nation (vessels and colonies included) you want to play as.
  4. Look up a few things about it on Wikipedia.
  5. Think of a policy idea.
  6. Find the last round and open that page for editing.

Does map Genie have an app?

MapGenie: Tarkov Map on the App Store.

How much is MapGenie pro?

The Escape from Tarkov map set by Map Genie contains six free maps: Factory, Woods, Customs, Interchange, Shoreline, and The Lab. Reserve is, well, reserved for ‘pro’ users, which costs $4.99 for a year or $9.99 for a lifetime subscription.

How do I read IGN map?


  1. GREEN. Indicates wooded areas.
  2. WHITE. Indicates meadows and cultivated areas.
  3. Orange. Generally indicates contours.
  4. BLUE. Indicates hydrography elements (lakes, rivers …)
  5. BLACK. It is widely used and refers to everything that comes from human intervention; it also indicates rocks and scree.

How do you play Wordle maps?

Where Wordle gives players six chances to guess a daily word, Worldle users have six tries in which to guess one country or territory based on an outline of its shape alone. When Worldle players guess a country that is not correct, they are told how far and in which direction it is from the correct country on a map.

Is MapGenie a subscription?

We also offer a yearly subscription with MapGenie+ which grants PRO access to all MapGenie maps.

Is MapGenie pro a subscription?

Can you help us Cully?

Could you help us out, cully? You, yeah, you there! Stop pretending you can’t see me.”

Is there a map version of Wordle?

The web-based map game can be played on a desktop browser or mobile device at worldle.teuteuf.fr. Like the original Wordle game, it’s a simple website that doesn’t require a sign-up. Players can simply visit the website each day to guess a new country or territory.

Where can I play the map for Wordle?

the official Worldle website
To try it out, head to the official Worldle website. BTW, the game is completely free and doesn’t feature any ads. You’ll be shown the silhouette of a country and you’ll have only six guesses to get the correct answer.