Who owns the Sun Sentinel newspaper?

Who owns the Sun Sentinel newspaper?

Tribune Publishing

Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Tribune Publishing
Founded 1910
Headquarters 333 S.W. 12th Ave Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442 US
Circulation 163,728 daily 228,906 Sunday

Where is the Sun Sentinel newspaper located?

Deerfield Beach, Florida
The Sun Sentinel’s Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism works to protect your interests, help navigate your daily life and tell the stories that connect you with the communities where you live and work. We are headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and are part of Tribune Publishing Company.

How do I email Sun Sentinel?

How to reach the Sun Sentinel’s reporters and editors

  1. Editor-in-Chief: Julie Anderson, [email protected].
  2. Director of Content/Audience & Visuals: David Schutz, [email protected].
  3. Director of Content/Breaking News: Kathy Laskowski, [email protected].

How do you cancel Sun Sentinel subscription?

A: To cancel your subscription, please call us at 1-800-548-6397.

How much does Sun Sentinel cost?

‘digitalUnlimited’ Access: You’ll get unlimited access to SunSentinel.com, all of our Premium content, including Sun Sentinel investigations, exclusive photo galleries, video, local sports, many columns and blogs, as well as other benefits, like the Sun Sentinel eEdition, for a subscription fee of $9.99 every five …

Who owns Florida newspapers?

GateHouse owns 21 newspapers in Florida, including the Palm Beach Post, Jacksonville’s Florida Times-Union, the Daytona Beach News Journal, the Ocala Star Banner, the Gainesville Sun, the Lakeland Ledger, the Panama City News Herald (and smaller papers in the Florida panhandle,) and more.

Who purchased the Orlando Sentinel?

Alden Global Capital
Shareholders approve sale of Orlando Sentinel parent Tribune Publishing to Alden Global Capital. Shareholders of Tribune Publishing, parent of the Orlando Sentinel, voted Friday for the company to be acquired by hedge fund Alden Global Capital.

How much is the Sunday Sun Sentinel?

$6.99/week Daily home delivery of the paper. Money-saving coupons every Sunday.

Where is South Florida?

South Florida refers to Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties . Treasure Coast refers to Palm Beach , Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River Counties . Click here for an overview of the demographic characteristics of the region made up of both South Florida and Treasure Coast , also referred to as Southeast Florida .

How do I submit an article to the Sun Sentinel?

To submit items e-mail: [email protected]. Include the name of event, location, address, date, start time and end time, brief description, price and a telephone/e-mail/website contact for the public. Items must be submitted eight weeks before the event in order for it to make it to print.

How do I cancel Sun Sentinel subscription?

How do I stop newspaper delivery while on vacation?

Call your newspaper company one week before you leave, to give the company ample time to notify your carrier. The phone number will be in your phone book, on your bill, or in the newspaper.

Does Sun Sentinel have coupons?

Free grocery coupons online at Sun-Sentinel.com – Sun Sentinel.

How do you cancel Sun Sentinel?

Is the Orlando Sentinel Democrat or Republican?

Editorial history From 1952 to 2004, it endorsed Republicans in every election save for Lyndon Johnson in 1964. However, it has endorsed Democratic candidates for president in four of the last five presidential elections: John Kerry in 2004, Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary Clinton in 2016,and Joe Biden in 2020.

Is the Orlando Sentinel still printed?

In 2017, the newspaper closed its printing press operation and outsourced printing to a Gannett plant in Lakeland. In addition to the downtown printing plant, other buildings at the Sentinel’s campus have gone vacant except for the main building.

Why is South Florida so different?

North and South Florida differ in many ways, including geography, culture, and weather. The North is more conservative, has colder winters, and has a more diverse economy. South Florida has more tourism, with many popular beaches, warmer summers, and lively nightlife.