Who used a ProCo rat?

Who used a ProCo rat?

Beck is rumoured to have used the RAT since it has been around but was particularly famous for it in the 1980s. Inventor Scott Burnham has said, “The biggest thrill was in 1985, when I saw a picture of Jeff Beck using my pedal.”

What kind of pedal is the ProCo rat?

distortion pedal
The Pro Co “The RAT” is a distortion pedal with a quite simple circuit, which can be broken down into four simpler blocks: distortion stage, tone control, output stage and power supply.

Is the ProCo rat any good?

The reality is that while the Rat is a super versatile distortion pedal, it’s not truly three different pedals in one box. But depending on how you set it you can use it for some very convincing tones that sound like overdrive, distortion, and fuzz.

Is the proco Rat 2 worth it?

Overall I really liked all of the sounds that I was able to create using the pedal. It’s versatility and low price makes it a great pedal to have around for any guitarist or anyone looking for a solid distortion.

Is the Rat pedal hard clipping?

The standard Pro Co RAT is a hard-clipping distortion pedal capable of near-clean grit, ultra-saturated fuzz, and everything in between. This gorgeously raunchy sound is produced by a single op-amp and a variable-gain circuit with silicon diodes that short the output to ground, thereby clipping the source material.

Which rat has LM308?

Although the exterior was tweaked, the early days of the Rat 2 featured the very same innards as days past, including the heart of the unit, the LM308 op-amp.

Are Rat pedals true bypass?

Q Are RAT Pedals True Bypass? A Yes, all RAT’s are True Bypass. Q What are the power requirements for the Rat? A We offer the RPS3 power supply if you’d like to power your FatRat at 18V for increased headroom and bass response.

Who owns Keeley pedals?

Robert Keeley
After graduating in electrical engineering from the University of Oklahoma, Robert Keeley started his company from his home in Oklahoma City in 2001. He initially hoped to build guitar amplifiers (he tweaked his father’s Peavey Deuce), but found the market “highly saturated and becoming more so every day”.

Are RAT distortion pedals good?