Who was the quarterback for Miami Dolphins when they went undefeated?

Who was the quarterback for Miami Dolphins when they went undefeated?

quarterback Earl Morrall
In week five a name from the past surfaced when 38-year-old veteran quarterback Earl Morrall came off the bench to replace a severely injured Bob Griese. Morral kept the unbeaten streak going through the remainder of the regular season and a 20-14 playoff victory over the Cleveland Browns.

Who did the Dolphins draft in 2012?

Drafted Players

Rnd Player From
1 Ryan Tannehill 2012
2 Jonathan Martin 2012
3 Olivier Vernon 2012

What quarterbacks came out with Dan Marino?

Five other quarterbacks—Ken O’Brien, Tony Eason, Todd Blackledge, and Hall of Famers Jim Kelly and John Elway—were drafted ahead of him in the first round. Bill Hillgrove, who was with the Marino family on draft day, later recalled that when the New York Jets selected O’Brien, Marino “became visibly ill”.

Who was the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins 17 and 0 season?

quarterback Bob Griese
Seventeen little-known facts about 17-0 Dolphins, who won Super Bowl VII at Coliseum. Former Dolphins quarterback Bob Griese, left, President Barack Obama and former coach Don Shula hold a signed jersey during a White House ceremony to honor the team in 2013.

When did Ryan Tannehill get drafted?

March 2019Tennessee Titans
July 28, 2012Miami Dolphins2007Texas A&M Aggies football
Ryan Tannehill/Dates joined

Who was the Dolphins QB in 2016?

Regular season

Season(s) Quarterback (Games)
2016 Ryan Tannehill (13) Matt Moore (3)
2017 Jay Cutler (14) Matt Moore (2)
2018 Ryan Tannehill (11) Brock Osweiler (5)
2019 Ryan Fitzpatrick (13) Josh Rosen (3)

Who was the Dolphins QB in 2018?

quarterback Ryan Tannehill
With quarterback Ryan Tannehill playing for the first time since 2016, the highlight of the Dolphins’ season came during a memorable Week 14 win against division rival and defending back-to-back AFC champion New England Patriots, which prevented the Patriots from clinching the AFC East that week.

Who did Dan Marino lose to?

Dan Marino Marino played in one Super Bowl (XIX) and the Dolphins lost to the 49ers in 1985. No quarterback has completed more passes in a career than Marino, who retired following the 1999 season with 4,967 completions. He led the league six times in completions.

Why did Dan Marino retire?

Before the 2000 season, Marino decided to retire, after declining offers from Minnesota, Tampa Bay, and his hometown of Pittsburgh when the Dolphins declined his option on his contract.