Who won Olympic gold medal for football in 2008?

Who won Olympic gold medal for football in 2008?

United StatesBrazilGermany
Football at the 2008 Summer Olympics/Medalists

What football player was in the Olympics?

Jim Thorpe He also became the first NFL player to compete in the Olympics when doing so at Stockholm 1912. Competing in the decathlon, pentathlon, long jump and high jump, Thorpe won gold in the first two of those.

Did Lionel Messi win Olympic?

Of his numerous accolades and awards, Argentina national team star Lionel Messi’s most cherished prize, as per his own admission, is the Olympic gold medal won at the Beijing 2008 Games.

How many goals did Messi score in 2008 Olympics?

two goals
Barça’s new captain was a key player in Argentina’s victory in the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing. During the tournament, Leo Messi scored two goals; one against the Ivory Coast in the group stage and another against Holland in the quarter-finals, whilst Ángel Di Maria scored the winner in the final.

Do professional footballers play in the Olympics?

Since the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, the IOC has allowed professional players to participate. Although an age limit was set at 23, each team is allowed three “over-age” players. Despite the rule change, however, many countries are forced to compete without their stars.

Can NFL players run in Olympics?

An NFL player is legitimately training to run in the 2024 Olympics, and no he’s not kidding. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf has long flirted with the idea of professionally training to run in a professional event. After all, he has legitimate track speed.

Why is Messi not in Olympic squad?

Argentina announced its 22-member squad for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. As per the age regulations, the Albiceleste can name three players born before January 01, 1997, but opted for just one, Jeremias Ledesma. Lionel Messi, who won the Copa America earlier this month won’t be a part of the Argentine squad.

Why don t good footballers play in the Olympics?

The reason is FIFA and IOC. IOC don’t allow players to play in Olympics except u23 players. The rules is like this ‘only three over aged players i.e. players older than 23 are allowed to participate in it. However it’s good opportunity for young players to showcase their talent.