Why is my Makita battery charger not working?

Why is my Makita battery charger not working?

Inspect the battery charger. If it is cracked or damaged, replace it immediately. Inspect the power cord on the battery charger. If it is damaged, torn or shredded, the battery charger should be replaced.

What does a solid red light mean on a Makita charger?

Solid red light – Charging (Battery is below 80% charge) Solid red and green light – Charging (Battery is above 80% charge) Solid green light – Charging complete. Flashing red light – Delay in charging (Battery is cooling or the battery is too cold to charge) Flashing red and green light – Defective battery.

Can you overcharge a Makita battery?

A: No. Makita recommends charging a brand new battery to a full charge before using it. Q: Can Makita Lithium-Ion batteries “over charge”? A: No, Makita chargers are designed so that they will not overcharge a Lithium-Ion battery.

What is yellow light on Makita charger?

Cooling system Sound of cooling air comes out during cooling, which means no trouble on the charger. Yellow light will flash for warning in the following cases. – Trouble on cooling fan – Incomplete cool down of battery, such as, being clogged with dust The battery can be charged in spite of the yellow warning light.

How does Makita DC18SD charger work?

The Makita DC18SD 240V Li-ion 14.4v – 18v 60-90 Minute Charger uses a CPU to communicate with the batteries built in memory chip during a charge cycle, which analyses the data stored in the battery chip to decide on the best charging method at that time. This innovative technology results in longer battery life.

Can you charge a 12V Makita battery on a 18V charger?

If you’re running both Makita 18V and 12V Max tools, you can charge both packs on one charger. There’s just one caveat – you need to be running 18V LXT and 12V CXT slide packs. The older 12V stick packs won’t charge on this system.

Can a Makita 1410 battery charger be repaired?

Makita Battery Charger Repair Repair your Makita Battery Charger I picked up this Makita 1410 battery charger at a garage sale. It was promised to be broken, and it was!

Why is my Makita battery chip not charging?

Please try again later. There are two reasons could have caused the Makita battery chip problem as below. One is that the temperature or cutoff or individual cell monitoring sensor in charger that dont allow the batteries to take a charge.

Why is my Makita Charger flashing red and green?

Battery is too warm. Cooling it before charging Battery is charging. Battery is less than 80% charged Battery is charging. Battery is more than 80% charged When Makita charger flashing red and green, that’s mean that the battery is broken, will not charge at all.