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Clean beaches before the EU
Clean beaches thanks to the EU
Famers worse off under Brexit

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Experts from politics, NGOs and civil society make up our steering committee.

It is European directives which have cleaned up the sewage in Britain’s bathing waters and stopped the acid rain; which are getting rid of the most dangerous chemicals in our environment and the carbon pollution of our cars; which are pushing the clean-up of our rivers and the switch to renewable energy; and which, of course, are watching over our wildlife.

Baroness Young of Old SconeE4E Steering Committee

There are a lot of people out there who care about nature and the environment and the coherent legal framework at the EU has introduced and they don’t want it to be trashed unnecessarily.

Stanley JohnsonE4E Steering Committee

Exiting the EU would leave the UK’s environment in even worse shape. For this reason, Friends of the Earth believes that staying in the EU will be best for us and our environment

Craig BennettCEO Friends of the Earth