How do you get the chest in the foundry in Darksiders 2?

How do you get the chest in the foundry in Darksiders 2?

The Heart of the Mountain Part 2

  1. Once inside, stand still a bit and look up at the passing hanged cauldrons.
  2. Upon reaching the upper ledge, don’t jump down immediately; destroy the clutter and loot the chest near the wall.

Where is Bheithir Darksiders 2?

Bheithir is located in the Nook dungeon and is only accessible after having obtained Deathgrip. To reach Bheithir travel to the Nook and make your way to the main court yard. Anyone who has completed the dungeon can take the door on the right hand side of the first room and follow it down.

How do you defeat the Archon?

While he’s on the ground, employ more fierce dodging, again, going in with Deathgrip for close quarter melee right after one of his attacks misses. He’ll soon regen his wings, so wait for Archon to use his flying charge which is easily sidestepped, then turn and deliver the finishing blows.

How do I get into the shattered Forge?

After completing Drenchfort during the main quest Tears of the Mountain, talk to Alya to start this side quest. The Shattered Forge is located north of the boundary gate between the Fjord and Shadow Gorge. It is a marked location on the map, meaning you can fast-travel to it once you discover it.

How do you beat the HK 47 Foundry?

One strategy for destroying the panels, before Hk-47 charges up, is to have your tank taunt the adds as soon as they spawn. The tank will then circle the housing quickly destroying the panels while the rest of the party destroys the adds.

Who are the bosses in Darksiders 2?

These are the bosses of the Dungeons in Darksiders II. War. Gharn. Karkinos. Construct Hulk. The Guardian. Gnashor. Phariseer. The Bone Keepera and Bone Gigant.

What is the story of Darksiders 2?

Darksiders II follows the exploits of Death, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, in a weaving tale that runs parallel to the events in the original Darksiders game.

Who are the bosses in Destiny 2?

List of Bosses 1 War 2 Gharn 3 Karkinos 4 Construct Hulk 5 The Guardian 6 Gnashor 7 Phariseer 8 The Bone Keepera and Bone Gigant 9 Basileus and Achidna 10 The Wailing Host