Are Denis Wick mouthpieces good?

Are Denis Wick mouthpieces good?

Denis Wick make some great mouthpieces, no question. I used their 3E for several years. It has about the same depth as the average Bach 3C but has an IRD closer to a Bach 2 size. I found it to have incredible punch/projection but still give a darkish solid tone that doesn’t break up.

Who is Dennis Wick?

Denis Wick (born 1931) is an influential British orchestral trombonist. He is also an internationally respected brass teacher and designer of brass mutes and mouthpieces. On retirement in 1989 he was awarded the International Trombone Association’s annual award; he served as their president 2004–2006.

How do I choose a cornet mouthpiece?

  1. Sound is mostly determined by cup depth and shape.
  2. Increasing rim diameter without changing cup depth does darken the sound very much.
  3. Using a deeper, more V-shaped cup will darken the sound and produce a bigger low register.
  4. The disadvantage of a deeper, more V-shaped cup is that it can reduce range and endurance.

Is trombone the best instrument?

Great choice. One of the most powerful instruments, the trombone’s register sits closely within the range of the human voice. It can produce deep tones, beautiful harmonies, or cheerfully hold the beat of a marching band. The instrument has several variations, with the most popular being the tenor trombone.

Is cornet harder than trumpet?

The trumpet and the Bb cornet are the same pitch and feature the same fingerings but the cornet is easier for younger students to play. Cornets have tighter tubing (remember the four 180-degree turns), which makes it smaller and easier to hold. It is also easier to hold and find pitches on the cornet.

How do I make my trombone shiny again?

Get an acidic brass polish from the store, or alternatively use lime juice, vinegar, or even ketchup. Apply the polishing agent and wait several minutes. Wipe down the trombone gently with a damp cloth. Repeat if some tarnish remains.