Are lyretail Anthias Hardy?

Are lyretail Anthias Hardy?

The Lyretail Anthias (Pseudanthias squamipinnis, Peters, 1855), also known as the Scalefin Anthias, is among the most popular Anthias available in the aquarium trade today. This colorful fish is relatively hardy, active, and accepting of multiple environments and tankmates.

Are lyretail Anthias aggressive?

Most of the aggression is towards the female anthias but the other timid fish get it a lot also.

Can different species of anthias live together?

As long as they are not in the same complex of species, each species can have a male present. Since lyretails are a feistier species, other feisty species would be better suited as tankmates. Bartletts, cooperi, stocky, fasciatus, bimaculatus, and pink square will all work.

Are lyretail Anthias Reef Safe?

As active planktivores, lyretail anthias are reef-safe fish. They may investigate your live rock, but they won’t hassle your corals. Even your other invertebrates are safe from harm. Well, unless you have tiny ornamental shrimp in your tank.

How many lyretail Anthias should you have?

Best approach I have found with anthias, and lyres particularly, is to add at least 3 females. Let them decide who gets to be the male. Lots of space and frequent feedings will help to mitigate aggression.

Can I keep 2 anthias?

Anthias do best in groups so best to add a few at at a time IME. You can have more than one male per tank as long as it’s a different species.

Can I mix anthias?

yes. there is always a pecking order, but you can. there are worse fish to combine, anthias are not too aggressive, and after the initial bullying, all will be fine.

How many lyretail Anthias should I get?

What is lyretail Molly?

The Lyretail Molly is a handsome fish that makes a peaceful addition to most aquariums. Lyretail Mollies prefers hard, alkaline water conditions and may not thrive in aquariums with acidic or soft water. Lyretail Mollies has the ability to adapt to a variety of salt levels in the aquarium.

What are the smallest anthias?

Struggling to reach 3″ in length as a full-grown adult, Flame Anthias, as they are called by the marine ornamental industry, are among the smallest Anthias species. Up to a dozen specimens can be maintained in a peaceful aquarium upwards of 200 gallons or more – including several males.

Can anthias live alone?

Bottom line, they can live alone or in trios. Feeding them minimum 2-3 times is key to success.

Can I keep 2 Anthias?

What is a sunburst Platy?

No reviews. Remarks: A perfect starter fish! Platies (Xiphophorus maculatus) are peaceful community fish that reproduce with ease. They are livebearers, meaning the females release live fry rather than laying eggs.

How big do Gold Dust mollies get?

General info about Gold Dust Molly Poecilia sphenops is also known as the “Common Molly”, this species of Molly is the smallest of the three species, males will only reach 3 inches while females will reach 4 inches.

Are anthias fish reef safe?

Are Anthias Hardy in saltwater?

They are all pretty hardy in saltwater aquariums and are reef safe, but some do have a tendency to be a bit picky when it comes to food. Make sure you research the species in depth before you purchase your anthia. Princess anthias ( pseudanthias smithvanizi) are . They have a beautiful pink body with small yellow spots.

How many species of Anthias are there?

There are currently 27 genera recognized in this subfamily, with the Atlantic and Mediterranean forms remaining in the genus Anthias. Most of the species we call “anthias” actually belong to the genus Pseudanthias, which this article will focus on. A few other genera are worth noting and will be highlighted in the sidebars.

Are Anthias aggressive to other fish?

Most anthias species tend to leave other groups of fish alone. As mentioned, intraspecific aggression can be high, and aggression between different species of anthias can also be high, particularly between males of one species and females of another where the females’ coloration is similar.

Are Anthias good for reef aquariums?

In general, anthias make excellent candidates for reef aquaria as they are strictly planktivores and as such will not harm corals, clams, anemones or crustaceans. Since they are planktonic-feeders they tend to remain out in the open swimming in midwater so they are always visible.