Are revenue codes 3 or 4 digits?

Are revenue codes 3 or 4 digits?

Revenue Codes have always been four digits and with this update we are updating the manual to reflect the four digit field as approved by the National Uniform Billing Committee, which has jurisdiction of the UB-92 (HCFA-1450).

What is the revenue code for ER?

Commonly Billed Services

Revenue Code Description Payment Status
450 Emergency room: general classification ER All-Inclusive Payment
0250 Pharmacy Included in ER All-Inclusive Payment
030x Laboratory Not included in ER All-Inclusive Payment
0730 EKG/ECG Not included in ER All-Inclusive Payment

Are CPT codes revenue codes?

Non-exempt Revenue Codes For revenue codes that are not exempt, providers are required to indicate valid and most appropriate HCPCS or CPT procedure codes in addition to the revenue codes on outpatient hospital claims.

Who defines revenue codes?

Related Definitions Revenue codes means the codes established for use by institutional care practitioners by the National Uniform Billing Committee.

What is revenue code 456?

Revenue Code 456 – Emergency Level II – Must be billed with corresponding CPT Codes 99282, 99283, G0381 or G0382. Revenue Code 451 – Non-emergency/Screening Level – Must be billed with CPT Code 99281 or G0380. BILLING CHANGES FOR OBSERVATION CLAIMS.

What is revenue code 944?

Revenue Codes 944 (Drug Rehabilitation) and 945 (Alcohol Rehabilitation) with the corresponding DASA HCPCS must be submitted on an institutional 837I/UB claim form to Harmony for reimbursement. The bill type for inpatient treatment should be 86x or 89X (x for bill frequency code) for inpatient residential services.

What is revenue code 510?

The revenue code 510 is for the facility costs including the use of the space, materials and staff.

How are revenue codes assigned?

The National Uniform Billing Committee assigns revenue codes at the national level. These are shown in the UB-92 manual. Some revenue codes, including all codes ending in “9”, are assigned by the state uniform billing committees. These should be translated to the general category ending in zero.

What is revenue code 637?

The provider completes the remaining items in accordance with regular billing instructions. NOTE: Do not utilize revenue code 637 (self-administrable drugs not requiring detailed coding) for the reporting of those self-administered drugs and biologicals that are statutorily covered.

What is a 270 revenue code?

Cardiac Rehabilitation. 0943. * Revenue code 270 should be reported only once on the outpatient claim. It is to be reported for medical or surgical supplies or both combined. Observation room services.

What is revenue code 118?

118. Room and Board – Private, Rehabilitation. 119. Room and Board – Private, Other.

What is revenue code 120?

Room and board
Semi Private – 2 Bed

Revenue Code Description
120 Room and board
121 Medical/Surgical/Gyn
122 OB
123 Pediatric

What is revenue code 122?

Revenue Code Description. 112. Room & Board: Private – OB. 122. Room & Board: Semi-Private 2 Beds – OB.