Are turians only male?

Are turians only male?

Turians are also recognisable by their voices, which have a distinctive flanging effect. Males and females do not differ greatly in terms of physical appearance, but female turians lack the sweptback cranial crests of their male counterparts and possess larger, cat-like eyes.

Are the keepers Reapers?

The Keepers are actually agents of the Reapers, though their exact origins are unknown. Vigil hypothesizes they may have been created by the Reapers long ago or were simply an early species to be indoctrinated by the genocidal machines.

How are Turians avian?

Turians are conceived as an avian humanoid species with an exoskeleton, whose biology is radically different from that of humanity and several other species, and are culturally rooted in a stratocratic society.

Who is the benefactor in Andromeda?

The Benefactor is an unidentified individual or group who secretly helped fund the Andromeda Initiative. The Benefactor’s existence was known only to Jien Garson, Alec Ryder, and a handful of other Initiative members prior to the Initiative’s launch to Andromeda in 2185.

How old are the Reapers in Mass Effect?

A derelict Reaper. The Reapers have been around for billions of years—the derelict Reaper discovered by Commander Shepard was 37 million years old. The cycle of extinction has been going on for as long if not longer, ever since the Reapers were created.

Are the keepers Rachni?

In addition to this, the keepers who maintain the Citadel were either engineered from the same original species that the rachni were created from, or in the case that the rachni are the original, the keepers are altered rachni like the Collectors are for the Protheans.

Are the Reapers mentioned in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Despite having the capacity and longevity to travel to and from intergalactic space, writer Mac Walters has revealed that there are no Reapers in the Andromeda Galaxy, the setting of BioWare’s 2017 game Mass Effect: Andromeda.