Are Yellowstone campers still made?

Are Yellowstone campers still made?

Production of Yellowstone recreational products ended in 1990 after 45 years in the vacation vehicle business.

Who makes Yellowstone travel trailers?

Each Yellowstone Cruiser travel trailer by Gulf Stream RV is built on a lightweight powder-coated steel chassis with a laminated floor with lightweight subtrates, and includes a one piece fiberglass roof and front/rear walls plus a fiberglass exterior.

Are old campers worth it?

The answer is that RVs deteriorate over time, and their value depreciates to reflect this point. This should serve as a red flag to buyers who think they may be saving money, because the truth is that if the RV industry makes it clear that a coach has seen better days, buyers should beware of buying them!

How much does it cost to add dry weight to a camper?

A good measure is to add 1,500 pounds to the dry weight of the camping trailer. If you tow weight beyond the maximum trailer load, it will destroy your gear over time and reduce the speed at which you can drive, especially uphill.

How do I find the make and model of my travel trailer?

Your owner’s manual and operating instructions. Your RV model number should be printed on any of the new owner materials provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s website. Many have tools that will help you identify the model number of your vehicle.

Where do you find the year model on a travel trailer?

Find the 10th digit from the left (which is also the 8th digit from the right since all VIN’s are 17 digits long). It will tell you the model year of the RV. You’ll find this digit is either a number or a letter from the alphabet.

What was the original size of a Yellowstone travel trailer?

By 1960 the original 23-footer gained a foot and was the 24-footer. An additional larger model, the 27-footer was also added to their line. None of the Yellowstone trailers were painted but maintained the popular ‘silver’ aluminum look.

Are there any Yellowstone trailers that have been painted?

None of the Yellowstone trailers were painted but maintained the popular ‘silver’ aluminum look. In 1963 the Yellowstone Coach Co., Wakarusa, IN, came out with a 13 footer that that was only 6’6“ wide yet could sleep 4-8 “comfortably” and yet could be towed by one of the new foreign compact cars.

How much is a used vintage Yellowstone camper worth?

How much is a used vintage yellowstone camper worth? The weighted average selling price is $6,048. This price is based on 38 products in a timeframe of maximum 1 year. All these prices in our database are reduced to one average single price. Its a weighted price based on the amount of the ads per month.

What is the slogan for Yellowstone travel trailer?

Yellowstone’s Slogan – “Good on the go and great when you get there” In 1945, Elmer Weaver organized the Yellowstone Coach Co. in Wakarusa. The Yellowstone travel trailer was built and sold in Wakarusa Indiana. Yellowstone trailers were well built and the travel trailer of choice for carnival employees.