Can I get a concealed carry permit in California now?

Can I get a concealed carry permit in California now?

Under California law, a concealed carry permit can be issued if the applicant is of “good moral character,” has good cause for seeking the permit, meets residency requirements and completes an acceptable firearms training course.

What is good cause for concealed carry in California?

The most notable is that under California Penal Code Section 26045, carrying a loaded weapon may be justified if you “reasonably” believe it’s needed to protect a person or property “in immediate, grave danger,” or to protect someone from a threat posed by a person subject to a restraining order.

What are the current gun laws in California?

Current law prohibits California licensed dealers from selling, supplying, delivering, or giving possession or control of any firearm (including long guns) to anyone under the age of 21 absent certain exceptions (such as those over 18 with a valid, unexpired hunting license seeking to purchase a firearm that is not a handgun).

Does California have strict gun laws?

States with the Strictest Gun Laws. California is the state with the strictest gun laws, and it also has the seventh-lowest rate of deaths by gun violence. In addition to regulation on who can purchase a gun and what kinds of firearms may be legally obtained, California gun laws allow for funding to community programs that have reduced gun-related violence. Other states with strict gun laws include Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

How effective are gun laws in California?

School grounds,colleges and universities

  • Child care facility
  • Courthouse or Court room
  • Public buildings or meetings
  • Social rehabilitation facility
  • Gun show or event if you have ammunition that fits firearm
  • What are the requirements to get a gun in California?

    You must be at least twenty-one years old.

  • You must be morally upright.
  • You must have a good reason for applying for the permit,and for concealed carry too.
  • You must reside in California or be an employee of any organization in the state.
  • You must underdo the mandatory firearm training conducted by a state-certified instructor.