Can I trust Vivint?

Can I trust Vivint?

Vivint has a consumer rating of 1.24 stars from 20 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.

Does Vivint have good customer service?

Vivint Customer Service: Reviews and Contact Info. The quality of Vivint’s customer service is hit or miss. Up to 60% of reviewers give the company a solid five-star rating and praise specific Vivint representatives for outstanding customer service.

How do I file a complaint against Vivint?

You can contact Vivint head offices by calling 801-377-9111 or writing to their corporate address at 4931 North 300 West Provo, UT 84604. If you need assistence immediatley use their email address at [email protected].

How do I check a company’s reputation in Canada?

The BBB maintains a database of more than two million businesses and charities and publishes reliability reports summarizing the experiences of other customers. Complaints from consumers all over the United States and Canada form the basis of their records.

Is Vivint leaving Canada?

In fact, Vivint’s offices and field technicians cover 98 percent of North America, so there’s a good chance you can now enjoy service and support from Vivint, or will be able to soon, no matter where you live in Canada.

Is Vivint worth getting?

Vivint can come at a high price, but impressive new security cameras and one app for everything are just two reasons that Vivint’s smarter home security systems are worth the price of admission. We believe in this brand so much that it’s our number one pick for best security system.

How do I get out of Vivint contract Canada?

Vivint’s Cancellation Policy To cancel your contract, you can either snail mail, email, or fax a written Notice of Cancellation to the company. Be sure to do this at least 30-days before your intended cancellation date. Include the following info on your cancellation notice: The date of the cancellation letter.

What is the best home security system Canada?

Frontpoint offers the best security system in Canada. It’s the best all-around choice and also has great customer support. Payment plans are flexible as are their packages. If you’re looking for a system installed by a professional then Vivint is the best choice.

Is Vivint smart home worth it?

Is it worth it to buy Vivint?

Vivint has top-notch smart home equipment and a no-contract option. It also has top-tier prices and a sometimes questionable customer service reputation. But overall, if you’re looking for the smartest system possible, we think it’s worth it to say yes to Vivint.

Is Vivint a part of Vivint Solar?

Vivint Inc is an affiliate of Vivint Solar. A separate report is available here: click here . On April 29, 2021, Vivint Smart Home, Inc. (Vivint) entered into a Settlement Agreement with The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to …

Should you stop subscribing to Vivint services?

And if you choose to stop subscribing to Vivint services, you won’t be able to use the equipment on its own either. Our research suggests that includes the proprietary smart devices, not just the alarm stuff. Yeah, you paid for that equipment, so it’s a shame that it won’t work independently. But that’s typically how it rolls with these services.

Is Vivint Inc owned by arm security?

Additional Information: Vivint Inc is under the same ownership as ARM Security Inc. A separate report for ARM Security Inc is available here : click here . Vivint Inc is an affiliate of Vivint Solar.