Can target creatures or player target Planeswalker?

Can target creatures or player target Planeswalker?

The rule states that you cannot directly target a Planeswalker with damage dealing spells—instead, you must target a player and then redirect the damage from that player to a Planeswalker they control.

Can Target player be a Planeswalker?

The correct answer is yes. Any spell that can target a player, can also target a planeswalker. If a spell or ability you control would deal damage to an opponent, you may have it deal that damage to a Planeswalker that opponent controls instead.

Can lightning bolt target a player?

Lightning Bolt – yes, it can target a planeswalker – it now says “any target”. Again, note that older printings don’t mention planeswalkers, but the current oracle text is updated. Syphon Soul – no, it doesn’t deal damage to planeswalkers, just players.

Can you choose to block with a planeswalker?

FIGHTING A PLANESWALKER Your opponent can block as normal, regardless of whom each creature is attacking (you or one of your Planeswalkers). If a creature deals combat damage to a Planeswalker, that many loyalty counters are removed from it.

Can tribal flames target planeswalker?

Domain — Tribal Flames deals X damage to any target, where X is the number of basic land types among lands you control. “Fire is the universal language.”…Tribal Flames.

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Can you have two different Jace’s out?

You cannot have multiple copies of the same planeswalker, even if they are different cards. So, you can’t have two cards that have the type “Jace” for instance, but you can have as many different planeswalkers in play as you can cast.

Can you burn a planeswalker?

Since you have hexproof, your opponent cannot target you with Shock, meaning they won’t be able to damage your planeswalker with the Shock. But there is one targeted burn spell that can get around the Aegis: Fated Conflagration.

Does pestilence deal damage to Planeswalkers?

Also, if your opponent controls Pestilence, he can decide to have the damage affect your planeswalker instead. As a last example, your planeswalker is unaffected if you activate Pestilence.

Are the rules of Magic The Gathering unsourced?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Rules of Magic: The Gathering are the rules governing the play of the card game Magic: The Gathering. The original rules were developed by the game’s creator, Richard Garfield, and accompanied the first version of the game in 1993.

Where can I find the current tournament rules in MTG?

The current Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules can be found at 113.6p Abilities of emblems, plane cards, vanguard cards, scheme cards, and conspiracy cards function in the command zone.

What are the rules for illegal actions in MTG?

If, at any point during the activation of an ability, a player is unable to comply with any of those steps, the activation is illegal; the game returns to the moment before that ability started to be activated (see rule 725, “Handling Illegal Actions”). Announcements and payments can’t be altered after they’ve been made.

Is there a new mulligan rule coming to MTG?

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