Can you cut towel radiator brackets?

Can you cut towel radiator brackets?

Standard ladder type Towel rail brackets are made from ABS plastics, which is hard and strong. Can be cut with Hacksaw or Angle Grinder as per your installation needs.

How far does a towel radiator come off the wall?

*All towel radiators are supplied with 4 adjustable brackets enabling you to adjust the distance between the wall and the centre of the radiator (centre of the air vent – bleed valve) to a value between 75mm and 95mm.

Do towel bars need to be hung on studs?

Studs provide the best, most secure place to anchor a towel bar. But when there isn’t a stud where you want it to be, your towel-bar screws need a good anchor in the drywall. Forget about those cone-shaped plastic anchors often packaged with the bar; they pull out too easily.

How do you reattach a towel bar to the wall?

Fix loose towel bars with better anchors

  1. Loosen the setscrew. Loosen the setscrew that fastens the post to the mounting plate.
  2. Drive in the anchor. Drive the toggle anchor into the old anchor holes with a drill containing a No.
  3. Close up of toggle anchors and screws.
  4. Tighten the screw.

What length do towel bars come in?

Towel bars are commonly sold in lengths of 18, 24, and 30 inches. Factor both your bathroom and towel size into your decision of which of these lengths to choose. Eighteen- and 24-inch-long towel bars are the most space-smart choices if you have an average 40-square-foot bathroom.

Can you hang a towel radiator on plasterboard?

yeah, should be fine, as long as you use strong fixings. i would use some strong plasterboard toggles.

How high off the floor should a towel radiator be?

The standard towel bar height is 48 inches above the floor. Indeed, the bar will be located anywhere from 16 to 18 inches above the average vanity height (at 30 to 32 inches above the floor).

Can you hang a towel rail on plasterboard?

When installing towel bars on drywall or plaster walls, it is best to anchor them directly into wall studs, but this is not always possible and wall anchors are required. With basic skills, tools and accurate measurements, do-it-yourself homeowners will find this to be a quick and easy project.

Can you glue towel rack to wall?

Measure and mark the walls where you want the towel rail to be fixed. Apply an appropriate amount of glue to the back of the towel rack or mounting brackets and press firmly into place. Apply a healthy amount of adhesive. Quickly wipe away any extra glue that has seeped out around the edges.

Why does my towel rack keeps falling off?

When towel bars come loose, it’s usually because they weren’t well fastened in the first place. The small, wimpy wall anchors included with most towel bar sets just don’t have enough holding power. But with sturdy new anchors, you can remount towel bars so they’ll never come loose again.