Can you pick your seats on Royal Gorge train?

Can you pick your seats on Royal Gorge train?

No you can not pick your seats. And the train does not turn around so you are on the same side of the canyon out and back.

Which side of the Royal Gorge train is best?

The gorge was really something to see with all steep canyons and the river below. However, if you go, make certain that your seats are on the left side of the train as that is where most of the scenery is. If you sit on the right side, it is more difficult to get the full experience.

What is the best time to ride the Royal Gorge train?

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad runs from March through December and is the best way to experience stunning scenery and history of the region – all while enjoying a 24-mile round-trip journey in comfort and style.

Where do you board the Royal Gorge train?

the Santa Fe Depot
The Historic Royal Gorge Route Railroad is located in west Cañon City at the Santa Fe Depot. Take Royal Gorge Blvd. (HWY 50) to the west end of town and turn south on 3rd. Street.

Does the Royal Gorge train serve alcohol?

Aboard the train, we serve fantastic food and wine, made from scratch just for you. Our bars are fully stocked and we offer lots of delicious and healthy options across our menus, including vegetarian and gluten-free.

How long does it take in the Royal Gorge train?

How long is the train ride? Morning and afternoon daily departures are 1.5-2 hours round trip. Evening departures at 6:30 are approximately 2.5 to 3-hours round trip.

Where does the Royal Gorge train start and end?

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad operates trains year-round through the Royal Gorge from Cañon City, Colorado to the western terminus in Parkdale, Colorado.

Where does the Royal Gorge train leave from?

What is the Royal Gorge train?

The independent, family-owned and operated Royal Gorge train was the first in Colorado to offer first-class gourmet dining and top-notch service. We’re not talking about a simple cart that offers a snack.

How much does it cost to ride the Royal Gorge?

How Much it Costs. The Royal Gorge Route Railroad offers six different classes, all with different price points. Coach class: This is the cheapest option, at $49 for an adult and $44 per child (age 3 to 12). Kids under 3 ride for free on an adult’s lap.

Where is the Royal Gorge Railroad in Canon City Colorado?

Catch the Royal Gorge Route Railroad every day in Canon City, Colorado, at the Santa Fe Depot, one block south of Highway 50 and Third Street. Canon City is about 45 minutes from Colorado Springs and two hours from Denver.