Can you send pictures to inmates through mail?

Can you send pictures to inmates through mail?

Since pictures delivered to inmates have to be a certain size, the easiest way to send them is by mail. There is usually a limit on how many photos you can send at once, and you should check that with the facility beforehand.

How do I contact an inmate in Lee County Jail?

To schedule a visit with an inmate call (662) 841-9040 Monday – Friday, between 8:00AM and 5:00PM.

What is CPU Lee County Jail?

Community Program Unit (CPU): The CPU is a minimum security facility with 336 beds. It offers a wide array of programs to assist inmates with re-entry skills, and alcohol and drug treatment.

Are letters sent to inmates read?

Yes. Prison officials do read prisoner mail in federal and state prisons. While this doesn’t mean that guards will read prisoner mail, someone at the prison can and often will. It is very important that you and your loved ones keep this in mind.

What are the visiting hours at Lee County Jail?

Any add-ons or removals constitutes as an update. Visitors on the list will be the only persons allowed to visit the inmate with the exception of Clergy, Attorney, and infants under the age of one year. Our hours of operations are open Monday-Sunday 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

What are the three main reasons prisoner mail can be restricted?

This means that personal letters and photos you send may be restricted by the workers at the facility if they are deemed inappropriate, dangerous, or a security threat.

Are stamps considered contraband?

Sending Stamps, Paper and Envelopes An inmate is not allowed to receive contraband items unless these are authorized by the facility. Unfortunately, stamps, envelopes and paper are contraband in many U.S. jails.

How do I contact the Lee County Jail?

DA number:919-718-6310 Clerk’s office:919-718-6300 Magistrate:919-718-6319 Probation & Parole:919-776-0639 NC Court date Superior and District Mailing Information To send mail to inmates housed at Lee County Jail, use the following address: PO Box 2788

Can a visitor visit an inmate in Lee County Jail?

Once visitation begins, if visitor is not checked in, he or she will be unable to visit inmate Absolutely no cell phones, cameras, or other electronic devices are permitted in the Lee County Jail facility. Visitors in violation of rules will be banned from visiting the facility for at minimum of least 6 months. Visitation Hours:

Does Lee County Jail have a commissary in Texas?

Address the envelope as follows: Lee County Jail has a large commissary selection through Lone Star Commissary, Huntsville, Texas. Inmates are allowed to purchase items out of commissary once a week, on Monday with delivery of commissary on Thursday.

What kind of services does Lee County Sheriff’s office offer?

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