Can you still buy strategy guides for games?

Can you still buy strategy guides for games?

The Decline of Strategy Guides Just in 2018, one of the largest strategy guide publishers, Prima Games, announced that it would no longer produce physical strategy guides. The company has now transitioned to creating digital strategy guides and game news.

Does Gamestop still sell strategy guides?

Yep, people still buy them.

What happened to strategy guides?

The gaming strategy guide imprint of publishing company DK will end operations by spring 2019. An internal memo from DK CEO Ian Hudson announced the impending shutdown, as reported by Publishers Weekly.

Does Prime still make strategy guides?

Its parent company DK stated that it was not an easy choice to make to shut down production on its various strategy guides. Operations are slated to end by Spring 2019. People just aren’t buying these guides as much. You will also find that today, a lot of the information is readily available online.

Are strategy guides dead?

This means print strategy guides, formerly the best source of in-depth information about videogames to exist, will largely cease to exist in a broad consumer format.

Where can I find game guides?

The Best Sites for Video Game Guides and Walkthroughs

  • GameFAQs.
  • GamePressure.
  • StrategyWiki.
  • YouTube.
  • JayIsGames.
  • IGN Wikis.

How many Gamestops are left?

Now GameStop runs just around 4,816 stores today. But, what happened last year with GameStop’s stock has turned the company into a legend. From January 4, 2021 to January 29, 2021, the GameStop Corp.

When did GameStop surge?

January 2021
In January 2021, a short squeeze of the stock of the American video game retailer GameStop (NYSE: GME) and other securities took place, causing major financial consequences for certain hedge funds and large losses for short sellers.

Does Brady still make guides?

You may have noticed some BradyGames official content on this week. Now that Prima and Brady are both owned by Penguin Random House, we’re combining forces to offer you all the high-quality, expert strategy options in one convenient location.

Why did they stop making strategy guides?

The reason strategy guides are going extinct is self-evident: it’s because not enough people are buying them. (Not even in e-book form.)

Are Prima guides official?

Prima Games is a publisher of video game strategy guides founded in 1990 and based in California. The company is a division of Random House. Prima Games published several officially licensed guidebooks for Mario games, which competed with concurrent Nintendo Power guides.

Is there an app for game walkthroughs?

If you’ve got an Android, the app you need to download is FAQr. This reader for GameFAQs, the best gaming resource on the web, lets you browse walkthroughs for any game and download them to your device for offline reading.

Can you work at GameStop at 16?

Does GameStop Hire at 15?-No. Minors must be at least 16 to work for GameStop.

Who is Game8?

About. Game8, one of Japan’s leading game strategy wiki guides, from its parent company Labit.

What are the best strategy guides for video games?

American McGee’s Alice (Prima’s Official Strategy Guide – 2004) Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding (Prima’s Official Xbox Strategy Guide – 2004) Arcanum of Steamwork & Magick Obscura (Prima’s Official Strategy Guide – 2004) Armored Core 2 – Another Age (Prima’s Official Strategy Guide – 2004)

What are some of the best strategy guides for Sonic games?

Soldiers: Heroes of World War II (Prima Official Game Guide – 2004) Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut (Prima’s Official Strategy Guide – 2003) SpellForce: The Order of Dawn (Prima’s Official Strategy Guide – 2004) Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (Prima’s Official Strategy Guide – 2004)

What are the best strategy guides for Predator games?

007: Everything or Nothing (Prima’s Official Strategy Guide – 2004) 007: The World is Not Enough (Prima’s Official Strategy Guide – 2000) Aliens Versus Predator 2 (Prima’s Official Strategy Guide – 2001)

What are the best strategy guides for Final Fantasy games?

Blinx: The Time Sweeper (Prima’s Official Xbox Strategy Guide – 2004) Bradygames Final Fantasy Origins: Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II (BradyGames Official Strategy Guide – 2003) Break a Million! At Pac-Man (1982) Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds (Prima’s Official Strategy Guide – 2004)