Can you visit Racton ruins?

Can you visit Racton ruins?

If you would like to visit the landmark, the Racton Monument circular walk takes you right past it, affording views over the South Downs, The walk will also take you past Stansted House, a stately home with walled gardens and a tearoom.

What was Racton ruins used for?

It was commissioned by the 2nd Earl of Halifax, either as a summerhouse for the nearby Stansted Estate or so he could watch his merchant ships dock at the nearby port, Emsworth, on The Solent. One news report states that the lower level was also to be used for holding banquets.

How do you get to Racton ruins?

To get to Racton Ruins Walk from Stoughton, head southwest toward Cooks Lane and in 0.8mi, turn left onto B2146. In 0.7mi, take a slight right onto B2147 and turn right onto Monument Lane. In 0.4mi, you will arrive at your destination.

Where are the ruins of Racton?

Racton ruins is in West Sussex. It is an 80 foot tall folly built in 1772 by the Earl of Halifax. It is thought to have been designed by Henry Keene, an architect who supposedly died before the completion of the folly.

Is Racton Monument-a ghostly Folly?

Racton Monument – a ghostly folly? Racton Monument is a ruined tower built on a beautiful small hill south of Lordington House near Funtington. It’s fair to say that it divides opinion.

How old is the Racton man?

One of the most solid pieces of history is a 4,000 year old skeleton, known as the Racton Man, which was discovered nearby in 1989. The skeleton, which is on display at The Novium Museum in Chichester, is believed to be that of a warrior chief who was killed in battle.

Why are there so many ghosts in the ruins of Pompeii?

But the ruins have been a well known place for raves, drinking and drug taking and many of the reports of ghosts come from people who were, by their own admission, not exactly sober at the time of their brush with the undead. Practical jokes are probably not unknown for the same reason.