Did Adebayor dad washes elephants?

Did Adebayor dad washes elephants?

I can remember when I felt it because we had a meeting at the stadium that morning around 10. I was the first person to be there, 9.30am. I could hear the fans singing, already, ‘My mother is a whore. My father washes elephants.

What was the Adebayor chant?

“I remember getting to the stadium and Arsenal fans were there. All I heard was the the chant: ‘Your mother is a wh*re and your father washes elephants’. “My father worked in currency exchange and my mother is a businesswoman, but this went on and on.

What did Arsenal fans say to Adebayor?

What does Adebayor mean?

Adebayo, also spelled Adébáyọ̀ or Adebayor in French, is a given name and surname. It is a traditional Yoruba name which could mean any of the following “he came in a joyful time”, or “the king/crown/royalty meets joy” or “greatness/nobility/primacy/power enjoined with joy”.

Why was Adebayor angry with Arsenal?

On the face of it, it seemed as if Man City’s millions had prized Adebayor away from the Emirates. But there was much more to this story. Adebayor slammed Arsenal and their supporters shortly after the transfer was finalised, criticising them for booing him during his time at the club.

What made Adebayor leave Arsenal?

In 2009, Emmanuel Adebayor moved from the Gunners to City, reportedly chasing a salary increase. Recently, he said (again) that the move only came about because Arsene Wenger told him he was no longer wanted, which is true, but only half the story.

What nationality is Adebayo?

Bam Adebayo/Nationality

Is Adebayo a common last name?

The last name Adebayo is the 1,305th most widely held last name on a worldwide basis. It is borne by around 1 in 17,666 people.

Why did Adebayor celebrate?

Former Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor claims racist abuse from Arsenal fans prompted his infamous celebration at the Etihad. Ex-Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor says racist abuse from supporters of his former club motivated his infamous celebration for Manchester City against the Gunners.

Why did Arsenal sell Adebayor?