Did Unexpected get Cancelled?

Did Unexpected get Cancelled?

The fourth season premiered in December 2020, and although the show hasn’t received a renewal order, TLC hasn’t canceled it either. Given the necessary COVID protocols to film a reality series, shooting on a new season is likely more difficult than normal, so a fifth season may arrive later than usual.

Where are the moms from Unexpected from?

Bennett was born and raised in East Hampton, New York, United States. A celebrity reality star, after having appeared on TLC’s ‘Unexpected’, she has also shared much of her life as a teen mother and parenting alongside Lawrence, on both Instagram and YouTube.

What is Unexpected on TLC?

Unexpected | TLC.com. A raw look at teenage pregnancies and the impact on their families.

How much money does the cast of Unexpected make?

The Busby family makes around $10,000 per episode, but that’s as a family, and there are a lot of them. Adkins has been in more episodes of Unexpected than any of her co-stars, and she’s only been in 32 episodes total over the show’s three seasons, according to IMDb.

Are any Unexpected parents still together?

According to Starcasm, since leaving the show and after her public breakup, Adkins is now married to her husband Ethan Tenney, and the couple are expecting a baby boy in May 2022. Additionally, cast member Tiarra Boisseau welcomed her second baby in July 2021 (via Starcasm) with her boyfriend Dee Ragland.

Are Hailey 2 and Matthew still together?

Considering his terrible reputation and behavior, it’s not at all surprising that Matthew eventually broke off his relationship with Hailey 2 and denied being the father of their unborn child.

How much do they get paid on Unexpected?

Are Aiden and Jenna still together?

Love is no longer in the air for Aden and Jenna from Unexpected β€” they’ve been broken up since December 2021. According to a post on Jenna’s Instagram via TV Show Ace, her breakup with Aden was totally amicable at the time. She revealed that she moved into her own place with their son.

What is wrong with Tyler’s head on Unexpected?

If you’ve seen Unexpected, you definitely would have noticed the back of Tylor’s head, which has multiple bald patches. In a series of tweets, Tylor explained why he has them. Tylor said, β€œIt was a mole that covered the entire back of my head. It was likely that it could’ve turned into cancer, so it got removed.

Did Hailey 2 from Unexpected have her baby?

Hailey 2 then gave birth to a little boy named Levi. After seven months, she was still struggling to get Matthew to be involved in the baby’s life. During that time, Hailey was dating and living with her new boyfriend, Cole. She did an Instagram Q&A and opened up about her plans to have a baby with Cole.

Where is Lexus from Unexpected?

Since season one ended, Lexus has been settling into life as a mom and taking care of her little girl, Scarlett. After the show, she and Shayden split up. Shayden accused Lexus of cheating on him with his best friend. Ultimately, they were too young to handle the pressures of being teen parents and they broke up.

How Much Does Leah Messer make?

Leah Messer – $400,000+ per season.

Is TLC free on Roku?

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Is TLC on Amazon Prime?

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