Does a performance chip increase horsepower?

Does a performance chip increase horsepower?

It increases the vehicle’s speed and power by making intelligent variations to the parameters such as the amount of fuel mixture supplied to your engine, ignition timing, fuel cut, and so on which ultimately increases the vehicle’s horsepower. Performance chips can help your car become more responsive.

What does a Jet Performance Module do?

The Jet Performance Module adjusts your truck’s settings to optimize the ignition advance, air/fuel mixture, transmission shift points and other parameters. What’s most interesting is that you gain power AND MPG. Even better, the Jet Performance Modules are 50 State Emissions Legal.

How much horsepower does a Stage 2 chip add?

25 horsepower
Add up to 25 horsepower instantly with simple, plug-in installation!

How much horsepower does a jet performance chip add?

Equip your vehicle with a Jet Performance Chip and add up to 23 horsepower instantly. The Jet Performance Chip’s simple, plug-in installation allows you to provide full range Dynamic Spectrum Tuning (DST) of your air/fuel ratios, ignition advances, and transmission parameters.

Can performance chips damage your car?

No. A performance chip does not cause damage to your engine or transmission as it increases the horsepower and torque output. This power is generated mainly by harmlessly adjusting your air/fuel ratio and ignition timing to optimal settings. In fact, a performance chip can even protect your engine from damage.

How do Jet performance chips work?

Stage 1 Jet Performance Chips are programmed to burn fuel at peak efficiency, resulting in improved mileage gains. STAGE 2: Designed for the performance enthusiast, Jet Performance Stage 2 chips feature more aggressive programing, making the most horsepower and torque available for your vehicle.

How do you use a jet performance programmer?

The JET programmer reprograms your factory computer according to your specifications with JET Performance Products Tuning. To reprogram your vehicle’s computer, simply plug the programmer cable into the vehicle’s diagnostic connector, located under the dash panel on the driver’s side.

How can I increase the horsepower of my car?

How You Can Increase Horsepower and Torque?

  1. Clean House to Increase Horsepower.
  2. Perform a Tune-Up on the Engine.
  3. Install a Turbo Kit or Supercharger.
  4. Install a Cold-Air Intake.
  5. Install an Aftermarket Exhaust System.
  6. Buy an Engine Tuner.

Do car performance chips really work?

Because this practice continues to be widely spread, it brings many of us to question, “Do performance chips work?” The answer is yes. Performance chips provide a substantial boost in torque output and overall vehicle performance.

Are jet tuners good?

Jet’s engineering staff is unsurpassed and considered to be the best tuners in the industry. These talented people have made the company what it is today. Constant changes in computer technology of today’s cars and trucks demand that the Jet engineering staff be the best.

What does the performance module do?

Our Performance Module calculates and adjusts your vehicle’s air, fuel, timing, and spark to enable your engine to safely output up to 35+ or more horsepower while increasing MPG by up to 9*. The Vertex Performance Module works with your vehicle regardless of transmission type, turbochargers, superchargers, performance intake and exhaust systems.

What are performance chips and engine control modules?

Performance Chips and Engine Control Modules alter the way your on-board computer communicates with your engine’s vital systems. By tweaking ignition timing, gear changes, and other systems, these chips pull extra power out of your vehicle and maximize your engine’s potential.

What does the Jet Performance Power Control Module do?

Jet Performance Power Control Module Maximizing performance gains is the name of the game with the Jet Performance Power Control Module. This device helps fine tune your engine for better acceleration, more towing power, and huge gains in horsepower. But the beauty of it is it does all of this without costing you any additional fuel.

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