Does arcee love Optimus?

Does arcee love Optimus?

Optimus and Arcee have a platonic relationship and a respectable friendship, much like a family too.

What jet is Transformers Prime Starscream?

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
A Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, the jet Starscream is based on.

Is arcee a Decepticon?

Arcee is an Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family.

Is Arcee a wrecker?

He was a Wrecker back in Stormbringer, presumably before he became the religious zealot he is presently.

Is Arcee Optimus Prime daughter?

Arceeon rose prime aka arcee is the daughter of Optimus Prime and Causeway. She had the ability to shape shift or as it’s called shifting and the ability to heal most wounds.

What happened to arcee after Transformers Prime?

Arcee went out into space with Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Optimus to fight off Megatron in space. Before he was presumed dead, Arcee was shot by Megatron and taken back to the base. She survived the blast, much to the suspense of Jack and the other Autobots.

Is Arcee related to Galvatron?

In the barbaric age that predated the rise of the Thirteen, some twelve million years ago, Galvatron of Protohex and his twin sibling Arcee were slaves of Septimus Prime and his Supplicants of Arrius, forced to fight as gladiators in the arenas of Protohex.

Who named Starscream?

Yes, Ulchtar. Clearly, they made the right decision to trash that made-up, meaningless name. In fact, the Decepticon Thundercracker (another fighter jet) was originally given the name Starscream. Ultimately, it was comics writer Bob Budiansky, who also named Megatron, that insisted on Starscream as this ‘bot’s name.

What happened Arcee Transformers?

After locating Sam, Elita-One immediately was blasted in the head by a Decepticon, instantly killing her. Arcee was then the next target to get shot by a Decpticon and killed her.

Is Starscream the best transformer of all time?

The G1 cartoon Starscream is beloved for his high-pitched voice provided by Chris Latta, his open secret at yearning for command, and for being Megatron’s punching bag. If not for the cartoon, Starscream never would have attained the status of one of the greatest Transformers of the 1980s and of all time.

Is there more than one version of Starscream?

While many versions of Starscream have the same goal, their success rates vary wildly. Some portrayals are more threatening, ambitious, and accomplished than others. This Starscream is not the Generation One character that appeared in 1996’s Beast Wars.

How powerful is Starscream in Cybertron?

After spending Energon as a mindless drone, Starscream emerges in sequel series Cybertron as his classic treacherous self. The twist? This time, he’s actually competent. Cybertron Starscream is by far one of the most physically powerful versions, able to outfight entire teams of Autobots and even dueling Primus.

Is Starscream a second in command?

Decepticon Second-In-Command Starscream is one of the most recurring characters across the Transformers franchise. Whenever there’s a new Transformers cartoon, comic, or toy-line, it’s guaranteed that a new version of Starscream will be part of it.