Does HtmlUnitDriver API is the fastest?

Does HtmlUnitDriver API is the fastest?

HTML UnitDriver is the most light weight and fastest implementation headless browser for of WebDriver. It is based on HtmlUnit. It is known as Headless Browser Driver. It is same as Chrome, IE, or FireFox driver, but it does not have GUI so one cannot see the test execution on screen.

What is HtmlUnitDriver selenium?

HtmlUnitDriver is headless driver providing non-GUI implementation of Selenium WebDriver. It is based on HtmlUnit, fastest and light-weight browser implemented in Java.

What is headless HtmlUnit browser?

HtmlUnit is a headless web browser written in Java. It allows high-level manipulation of websites from other Java code, including filling and submitting forms and clicking hyperlinks. It also provides access to the structure and the details within received web pages.

How do I set up HtmlUnit?

2 Answers

  1. In the IDE, choose Tools > Libraries to open the Libraries Manager.
  2. Click New Library and provide a name for the library, e.g. “HTMLUnit”
  3. With the “HTMLUnit” library selected, click on the “Add JAR/Folder…” button and select the jar file that was downloaded earlier and click OK to complete.

Which WebDriver API is fastest?

The fastest implementation of WebDriver is the HTMLUnitDriver. It is because the HTMLUnitDriver does not execute tests in the browser and also called as a Headless browser.

Is PhantomJS headless browser?

PhantomJS is a discontinued headless browser used for automating web page interaction. PhantomJS provides a JavaScript API enabling automated navigation, screenshots, user behavior and assertions making it a common tool used to run browser-based unit tests in a headless system like a continuous integration environment.

Is Selenium headless faster?

PRO: Headless Browsers are Faster than Real Browsers But you will typically see a 2x to 15x faster performance when using a headless browser.

What are the drivers used in selenium?

The following are the different types of drivers available in Selenium WebDriver:

  • > ChromeDriver. > For executing Selenium Automation Scripts on Chrome Browser.
  • > FirefoxDriver.
  • > InternetExplorerDriver.
  • > SafariDriver.
  • > OperaDriver.
  • > EdgeDriver.
  • > EventFiringWebDriver.
  • > RemoteWebDriver.

Which WebDriver interface method returns a string?

getWindowHandle() It is used to handle single window i.e. main window. It return type is string. It will returns browser windlw handle from focused browser.

Can I use Selenium without WebDriver?

We can perform Selenium testing without a browser. This is achieved by triggering the execution in a headless mode. The headless execution can decrease the utilization of key resources and is being adopted widely.

Can Selenium work headless?

Yes, Selenium supports headless testing. In older versions of Selenium, we used the HTMLUnitDriver mainly, a headless driver providing a Non-GUI implementation of Selenium WebDriver.

Is headless execution faster?

No, a headless browser test doesn’t display on the screen, but the full browser is loaded. It’s a full version of chrome, and doesn’t run any faster or slower.

How much faster is headless?

2x to 15x faster
PRO: Headless Browsers are Faster than Real Browsers But you will typically see a 2x to 15x faster performance when using a headless browser. So if performance is critical for you, headless browsers may be a way to go.