Does iiNet use Optus network?

Does iiNet use Optus network?

Since iiNet is using the Optus 4G network, service is currently available only in the Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Newcastle metro areas. Telstra’s 4G service has a much wider footprint (“more than 100 metropolitan and regional centres, including all capital cities”).

Who does iiNet use for Mobile?

iiNet operates on the Vodafone network, including its 4G network. So if you’re part of the more than 22 million Australians with access to Vodafone coverage, you’ll be able to shop around for phone plans with iiNet (and other MVNOs operating on the Vodafone network).

How do I activate my iiNet SIM card?

Once you’ve received your Mobile Broadband SIM card, you can activate it online at

  1. Select your SIM card type (Standard/Micro Dual cut size, or Nano size) from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the 13 digit SIM ID number (found on the SIM card itself) and then click Next.

Who is iiNet provider?

iiNet Limited is an Australian internet service provider that sells NBN plans and services on its own ULTRA Broadband Cable, FTTB and VDSL2 networks. It was acquired by TPG Telecom in July 2020. iiNet was acquired by TPG in September 2015 for $1.56 billion, but retained its retail brand name in the market.

Does iiNet own Vodafone?

Vodafone is part of TPG Telecom, as are some of Australia’s most-loved brands including TPG and iiNet. We’ve decided to offer our products and services to our partners’ customers in order to provide a great experience for you.

Does iiNet sell mobile phones?

news National broadband provider iiNet has launched itself into the cut-throat post-paid mobile phone market, announcing plans today to offer Samsung’s Galaxy S II and original Galaxy S smartphones to small business customers on its mobile plan, as well as a little-known handset made by Alcatel-Lucent.

How do I know my SIM plan?

Check your mobile plan & buy mobile data on Android

  1. Open your Settings app.
  2. Tap Google. Mobile data plan. To check your plan: At the top, see your current data plan status. To buy more data: Under “Buy data,” tap the offer you want. Then tap Buy.

Does iiNet have its own network?

Having invested over $50 million in ADSL2+ infrastructure, iiNet continues to build on the strength of owning its own network. In December, iiNet increases its on-net customer base by 11.5 percent to 152,000.

Is iiNet changing from Optus to Vodafone?

iiNet mobile services will be progressively migrated to the Vodafone network and will stop using the Optus network by 30 June 2022. We’re contacting affected customers to give them time to make alternative arrangements for their services.

Which Sim is best in Australia?

Best SIM + handset phone plan provider – Vodafone

  • Overall satisfaction. Vodafone 81% Other 80% Telstra 79% Average 78% Optus 76%
  • Network reliability. Vodafone 77% Other 77% Telstra 82% Average 79%
  • Network coverage. Vodafone 75% Other 79% Telstra 83% Average 79%
  • Value for money. Vodafone 79% Other 83% Telstra 74% Average 76%

Does Optus use Telstra towers?

Have a look below at some of the popular mobile phone plans – and yep, they ALL use the Telstra network. There are only three phone networks in Australia: the Telstra network, the Optus network and the Vodafone network.

Does iiNet have 5G?

iiNet 5G Home Broadband is a fixed wireless service which utilises our 5G network.

Why is my phone all of a sudden using so much data?

Heres some things that may cause that: I Would Look At Any New Applications That Have Been Installed On Your Phone. If any new applications use data in the background (to look for notifications, etc.), Or even auto play videos while in the app. Next, look at your home WiFi and the settings on your device.

Is iiNet Australia?

iiNet is an industry-leading Australian internet provider with services available nationwide. With our wide range of NBN plans and our own ULTRA Broadband Cable, FTTB & VDSL2 networks, we make it easy for Aussies to connect to great-value broadband.

Is iiNet better than Optus?

Consumer watchdogs CHOICE recently published the results of their Best NBN Providers report, and found iiNet at the top of the heap. Combining real-world speed tests and customer satisfaction scores, iiNet sits in first place above TPG, Telstra and Optus – in that order.

How does iiNet work with Optus?

iiNet operates on the Optus network, including its ultra-fast 4G Plus network. So if you’re part of the 98.5% of the population with access to Optus coverage, you’ll be able to shop around for phone plans with iiNet (and other MVNOs operating on the Optus network).

What are iiNet business sim only plans?

iiNet’s new Business SIM only mobile phone plans give you heaps of data and unlimited talk & text to Australian numbers on great value month to month plans. Why iiNet SIM Only Plans? iiNet Mobile is a prepaid service that’s automatically renewed each month for your convenience.

How much do iiNet phone plans cost?

iiNet phone plans at a glance. iiNet’s mobile plans are offered on a SIM-only, postpaid, month-to-month basis. This means you have the freedom to cancel your plan at any time after the first month, without the worry of early termination fees. The telco offers five different plans, starting at $15 per month and going up to $37.99 monthly.

How do I get the iiNet offer on my sim card?

When you activate your new iiNet SIM card online, you will be given the option to take up the offered plan, or choose from the full range of plans iiNet sells on the Vodafone network. Someone I know received an invitation from iiNet with a different offer from the one I received. Can I get that offer?