Does Invisalign work for severe crowding?

Does Invisalign work for severe crowding?

Can Invisalign clear aligners fix crowded teeth? Yes, Invisalign clear aligners can fix crowded teeth.

How does Invisalign fix overcrowding?

The process of Invisalign works to treat overcrowded teeth by gradually pushing teeth into proper alignment, moving each tooth up to a quarter of a millimeter with each new set of aligners. As teeth shift, this creates more space in the mouth, reduces overcrowding and eventually moves teeth to their correct positions.

Can Invisalign be used for complex cases?

No two treatments are the same. Invisalign clear aligner therapy has demonstrated success in treating Class I, II, and III malocclusions. From simple tooth movement to more complex cases, the Invisalign system can help you achieve your clinical goals.

How long does it take to fix crowding with Invisalign?

How Long Does Invisalign Take For Crowded Teeth? If the teeth crowding is not sever, it can be complete in as short as 6 to 12 months for Invisalign to correct. More severe crowded teeth require a longer treatment plan. In severe cases of teeth crowding, Invisalign may not be the optimal treatment option.

How long will 13 trays of Invisalign take?

As your doctor told you: A general rule is 2 weeks for each set of trays. If all goes well and you don’t need any additional refinements along the way, your case should be complete in approximately 30 weeks, or 8 months. Of course, a lot depends on your wearing them religiously at least 22 hours/day.

How long will 11 trays of Invisalign take?

so my dentist was able to oversee the entire process. You start by taking photos and impressions of your bite/teeth which is then sent to Invisalign where they map out trays and a plan of attack. My initial plan was 11 trays (2 weeks per tray).

Which is faster braces or Invisalign?

Is Invisalign Really Faster than Braces? In short, the answer is yes. While traditional metal braces require somewhere between 18 and 24 months, the average length of treatment with Invisalign is 12 months. However, the time needed to deliver the results you desire largely depends on how complex the treatment plan is.

Does your face change with Invisalign?

Any type of treatment, including Invisalign and braces, has the potential to create permanent changes in your dental and facial anatomy. That’s why it’s so important to visit a certified specialist in orthodontics for treatment, even if your smile concerns are mild.

Is Invisalign 15 trays a lot?

Answer: How long for 15 sets of trays to complete Invisalign? As your doctor told you: A general rule is 2 weeks for each set of trays.

How long will 20 trays of Invisalign take?

Invisalign treatment typically takes about 12 to 18 months to complete. During this time, you need to wear your aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day, regularly clean them, and switch your trays on time. But even with all of this work, you might still need refinements.

Does Invisalign give you a lisp?

When you first have your Invisalign brace system fitted and placed for treatment, it is not unusual for the wearer to notice a slight lisp to the speech. This is often only noticeable to the wearer, and not to others around them. The slight lisp is often most obvious when making the “s” or “sh” sounds.

Are We Ready to help you with Invisalign treatment?

We’re ready to help. Review before and after photos from patients treated with Invisalign. This gallery is intended for doctors and their teams to use when discussing potential treatment outcomes with patients who are considering Invisalign treatment. A previous expansion of the maxilla was done.

How long did it take for Invisalign to correct your teeth?

But if you saw his teeth after Invisalign treatment, you would never guess what they looked like before. Processing… This was quite a severe Invisalign case and took 24 months to correct, involving 55 aligners for the upper teeth and 60 for the lower.

Can I get Invisalign If I have an underbite or gaps?

Even if you have an underbite or large gaps between your teeth, you may still be a suitable candidate for Invisalign. You can take a quick assessment here to check your eligibility. As you can see from these pictures of teeth gaps before and after Invisalign, the aesthetics of the smile were much improved.

Does Invisalign work for crossbite?

We have one more video for you, from an Invisalign Elite provider in Canada. These before and after images show that Invisalign can be effective in even some of the worst cases of crowding, diastema and crossbite.