Does Jonathan Quick have a Vezina?

Does Jonathan Quick have a Vezina?

On Wednesday, Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick was named one of the three finalists for the NHL’s 2015-’16 Vezina Trophy, which is awarded annually “to the goalkeeper adjudged to be the best at his position.”

How good was Jonathan Quick?

Statistically, though, Quick is sitting amongst the top of all Kings goaltenders with a career . 916 save percentage and a 2.30 goals against average. Again, he’s played about 100 less games than both Hrudey and Vachon, but his numbers are quite impressive.

Has Jonathan Quick won a Stanley Cup?

He won his first Stanley Cup championship with the Kings on June 11, 2012, and his second in 2014, again with the Kings. Quick’s Conn Smythe Trophy-winning run in the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs has been described as the best statistical playoff run ever.

What team is Jonathan Quick on?

Los Angeles Kings#32 / Goaltender
United States National Men’s Hockey Team#32 / Goaltender
Jonathan Quick/Current teams

How old is Kopitar?

34 years (August 24, 1987)Anže Kopitar / Age

Who is Jonathan Quick wife?

Jaclyn QuickJonathan Quick / Wife (m. 2009)

Did Quick retire?

Despite his strong play, Quick is 35 years old, and it’s hard to predict how much longer he’ll be able to maintain his style of play, especially since it is still largely dependent on his flexibility. Also, his contract ends following the 2022-23 season.

What happened Jonathan Quick?

General manager Dean Lombardi on Wednesday told the Los Angeles Times that Quick will be out for about three months. Quick opted against surgery for what is believed to be a groin injury sustained in the final 30 seconds of the first period of the Kings’ season-opening game against the San Jose Sharks on Oct. 12.

What country is Anze Kopitar from?

SlovenianAnže Kopitar / Nationality

Where did Jonathan Quick go to college?

Avon Old Farms School
Hamden High SchoolUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
Jonathan Quick/Education

Why did Jonathan Quick not play?

How much does Kopitar make a year?

6.8 million USD (2016)Anže Kopitar / Salary