Does Peugeot 308 have heated seats?

Does Peugeot 308 have heated seats?

Back in the front and the pair of comfy chairs are equipped with winter-defying three-level heating elements.

How many miles can a Peugeot 308 do?

While the official EV range is 37 miles, we found around 30 to be more realistic in real-world driving. This is still a respectable figure, that should cover most commutes without consuming too much fuel.

Does the Peugeot 308 have a CD player?

– CD player (located in the glove box)*.

Are Peugeot petrol engines reliable?

It has a reliability index of 85, with the main problem being the engine which accounts for 23.08% of all issues. It’s average repair costs are quite costly, at £342.69. The average time it spends off road is also quite high at 3.02 hours.

Does a Peugeot 308 have a AUX input?

Peugeot 308 AUX 3.5mm Input Audio cable model year 2007 onwards CD Quality.

Why choose the new Peugeot 308?

With the new PEUGEOT 308, you have the freedom to choose your energy and can enjoy exemplary road holding, top-of-the-range driving comfort and excellent driving pleasure.

How much cargo space does the Peugeot 308 have?

Additional cargo compartments have been installed throughout the cabin, providing an extra 34 liters (1.2 cu ft) of storage space. Riding on an evolution of the EMP2 platform, the next-generation Peugeot 308 will be powered by a turbocharged three-cylinder engine offered in two states of tune.

Does the Peugeot 308 have a digital instrument cluster?

The 10-inch digital instrument cluster is the main novelty. The current-generation Peugeot 308 has been around for approximately seven years, and while most of its rivals have been renewed, the French compact model soldiers on for the 2021MY with minor tweaks.

What is the 2021 Peugeot 308 I-cockpit?

The main attraction of the 2021 Peugeot 308 can be found inside the hood where the analog dials of the instrument cluster have been replaced by an all-digital setup. Measuring 10 inches, the i-Cockpit utilizes the same tech seen in the 208 and 2008 models and is complemented by a capacitive-touch infotainment system with a glossy finish.