Does Winchester make a lever-action 22 rifle?

Does Winchester make a lever-action 22 rifle?

You can be proud of the Model 9422 & Model 9417 in every way. These rifles possess classic lever action styling like no other 22 or 17 caliber rifle you can own. No other rifle has a feel and function that so closely emulates the famous Winchester lever actions of the last century.

Do they still make Winchester 9422?

During the Winchester Model 9422’s 33-year production run—from 1972 through 2005—the well-built and extremely accurate .

What is a Winchester Model 9422?

Made from 1972 until 2004, the rimfire Model 9422 handles much like the centerfire Model 94. It was Winchester’s first angle-eject lever gun, and the receiver is dovetailed for easy installation of a riflescope or an aperture peep sight.

When were Winchester 9422 made?

Winchester’s Model 9422 was introduced in 1972. It was designed to capture the image of the traditional lever-actions with exposed hammer, straight grip, tube magazine and barrel bands. Unlike older Winchester lever actions it came grooved for scope mounting.

Who makes lever 22LR?

The Rossi Rio Bravo . 22LR lever-action rifle is a respectable entry in a diminishing field of rimfires; here’s a full review.

Who makes a lever-action 22?

Product Information. The Henry® Lever Action . 22-Caliber Rifle is one of the most popular rifles available. This Western-style lever action rifle features a rich American walnut stock and a blued finish on the barrel and lever for extra durability.

How many rounds does a Winchester 9422 hold?

The 9422 has a non-detachable tubular magazine below the barrel that can hold 21 . 22 Shorts or 15 . 22 Long Rifle cartridges.

Does Winchester make a 22 magnum rifle?

All of them have Marlin innovations such as the Pro-Fire1 Adjustable Trigger and Micro-Groove1 rifling. The XT-22 series comes chambered in 22 Short, 22 Long, 22 Long Rifle or 22 Winchester Magnum Rifle (WMR).

Does Winchester still make lever-action rifles?

Model 94 Rifles and Carbines These lever-action rifles and carbines make up the core family of Model 94s currently being produced by Winchester Repeating Arms.

Does Winchester still make lever action rifles?

Are 22 lever actions good?

This is a nicely balanced rifle for all-day use in hunting small game. It weighs but 5.25 pounds. The sights are fixed sights with the typical buckhorn rear sight and a shrouded front post. These sights are fine for use out to 50 yards or so at larger targets.

Who all makes lever action 22?


  • Brands.
  • Browning.
  • Henry.
  • Rossi.

What is the difference between 22 Mag and 22 WMR?

What’s the difference between 22 WMR vs 22 Mag? Nothing. They are the same ammo cartridge. Different names for the same thing.

Who makes a lever action 22LR rifle?

22 Long Rifle.

What is the best Winchester lever action rifle?

The Rossi R92 was among the most popular selling lever-action rifles of 2020, partly because it has the handling and feel of a classic—the Winchester Model 1892 Last year the R92 was the fourth-best-selling lever-action rifle among FFLs using

Is Winchester still making guns?

The New Haven, Connecticut plant was closed in 2006, but Winchesters are still being made. The difference is that Winchester is now owned by FN Herstal . So, the production is done at one of FN’s factories, or in the case of the lever-action guns at Mirouku in Japan. Does Winchester make pistols?

What caliber is the Winchester 73 lever action?

Winchester Model 1873 lever action 19 inch ” barrel CALIBER: .44-40 Win. MANF. PART #: .44-40 Win. Winchester Model 1873 44-40 *MFG 1877* CALIBER: .44-40 Win. MANF. PART #: .44-40 Win. Winchester Model 1873 20 inch ” barrel CALIBER: .44-40 Win.

What was the first lever action rifle?

Slide Action Shotguns. Shotguns have also been part of American culture for well over a century,but their initial construction was about as reliable as their rifle counterparts.

  • Screw Turning Machine. In 1873,desperate to turn around his financial fortunes,Spencer came up with the idea of an automatic screw turning machine.
  • Gun Magazines.