How are the injectors on a common rail system controlled?

How are the injectors on a common rail system controlled?

Abstract: In the common rail system, fuel is distributed to the injectors from a high pressure accumulator, called the rail. The rail is fed by a high pressure fuel pump. The pressure in the rail, as well as the start and end of the signal that activates the injector for each cylinder are electronically controlled.

Do common rail injectors need coding?

The code is usually located on the injector head. DENSO Common Rail injectors – generally all require coding, although some very early versions may not. A typical code length is 16-24 alphanumeric characters depending on the vehicle make.

Do Bosch diesel injectors need coding?

BOSCH Common Rail Injectors – As a rule all require coding, although some earlier releases may not, in simple terms if an IMA code is present then the injector will need coding. Typical length of code is 6-10 digits and found on Injector head.

Does a common rail fuel pump need to be timed?

Unlike mechanical systems these high pressure type pumps do not need to be timed with the engine as the injections timing is controlled by the ECM firing the injectors, and the pressure control valve is controlled by the ECU and varies rail pressure according to load demand.

Why do common rail diesel injectors need to be adjusted or calibrated individually?

Slight difference between target flow and actual flow can occur due to high operating pressures. Certain common rail diesel fuel injectors require calibration during manufacture or overhaul on a specialised diesel injection test rig to produce a data code relating to the characteristics of each individual injector.

Can you bleed common rail injectors?

New common-rail engine fuel pressure is so high it can literally slice skin like a scalpel. While you should never attempt to bleed anything past the secondary fuel filter on a common-rail diesel, you really shouldn’t have to.

How do I turn up my Bosch fuel pump?

The Bosch VE pump can be turned up by turning the power adjustment screw clockwise about 1 to 2 turns. This power adjustment screw is located on the firewall end of the injection pump under a plastic cover that will pop off.

How do I know if my common rail injectors are bad?

Symptoms of a faulty Common Rail injector?

  1. Check engine light: if the engine is not performing as it should, it can trigger the engine management light to come on.
  2. Rough idle: if fuel delivery is restricted, the RPM at idle will drop resulting in a rough idle.

Can you clean common rail injectors?

If the fuel injectors have deposits, it’s important to clean them to restore engine performance back to the way it was. At a professional garage, they may use an ultrasonic machine to clean the injectors out.

How do I know if my Common Rail injectors are bad?