How big does Calluna vulgaris get?

How big does Calluna vulgaris get?

It is a low-growing evergreen shrub growing to 20 to 50 centimetres (8 to 20 in) tall, or rarely to 1 metre (40 in) and taller, and is found widely in Europe and Asia Minor on acidic soils in open sunny situations and in moderate shade.

Is Calluna heather indoor or outdoor?

Most Calluna vulgaris owners tend to keep them outdoors since they tend to be a bit picky. What is this? Don’t let that dismay you. Raising a Heather plant indoors can be quite the treat!

Is heather Calluna a perennial?

Calluna vulgaris [kal-LOO-nuh, vul-GAIR-iss] is the sole species encompassing the Calluna genus. A part of the flowering plant family Ericaceae, this perennial plant has several common names including: Common Heather.

Can heather be grown as a houseplant?

Place your plant where it receives bright but filtered light. Because it thrives best in high humidity, avoid dry, drafty locations. Increase the humidity by frequent misting with distilled water or by placing the plant on a tray of pebbles has been added.

Is Calluna an evergreen?

Better known as heather, Calluna vulgaris is a compact, evergreen shrub found naturally in swathes across the heathlands of Europe. Calluna varieties have small leaves and produce flowers in a range of colours from late summer into autumn.

Does heather go brown in winter?

Choosing Heather Varieties Spent blooms will turn brown but can still be left of the plants over the winter and often lead to interesting decorative effects, particularly when there is snow or frost.

Do heathers flower all year?

Heathers for acidic soil These flower from late summer to autumn and include all Calluna species and Daboecia cantabrica.

Can heather be grown in pots?

Growing Heathers in Containers If growing heathers in a container, use ericaceous compost and/or peat. Keeping the compost moist yet allowing for free drainage is key. We recommend installing a 2.5-5cm (1-2 inch) layer of grit at the base of your planting container to improve drainage.