How can I contact the Canadian embassy?

How can I contact the Canadian embassy?

Contact us

  1. Telephone: +91 11 4178 2000.
  2. Fax: +91 11 4178 2020.
  3. Email: [email protected].
  4. Hours of operation:

How do I make an appointment at the Guyana Consulate?

Appointment Procedures U.S. citizens are advised to contact the embassy by email [email protected] or telephone +592-225-4900 x4222 before visiting the embassy. Many American Citizen Services can be provided remotely.

Do Guyanese need visa for Singapore?

Guyanese passport holders have visa-free access and visas on arrival to countries such as Singapore, Ireland, Russia, Qatar and South Korea.

How do I book an appointment at Canada embassy?

You can walk in to the Canada Visa Application Centre during stipulated business hours to request for this service and also schedule an appointment using the self service method. Please note: VFS Global will only collect your Personal Information for the sole purpose of scheduling an appointment.

Is Guyana embassy open for visa application?

Immigrant Visas: We are able to process all categories of immigrant visas; however, at this time, we are still operating at a reduced capacity due to COVID-19 safety precautions and are restricted by the number of applicants we can process in a single day, so wait times for appointments will continue to be …

Does Guyana allow dual citizenship?

DUAL CITIZENSHIP: NOT RECOGNIZED. Exception: The Constitution of 1980 states that any person who obtains the citizenship of another country after May 25, 1966 (except through marriage), shall lose their Guyanese citizenship.

Can Guyanese travel to Singapore?

What countries can Guyanese visit without a visa 2022?

Guyana Passport Visa-free Travel 2022

Anguilla visa_required
Antigua and Barbuda

Can I sponsor myself to Canada?

To qualify as a self-employed person, you must have two years of relevant experience and show that you intend to become self-employed in Canada. You must also score at least 35 points on a selection grid designed to determine whether you will be able to make an economic contribution to Canada. Was this answer useful?

Is visitor visa open in Canada?

At this time, you can come to Canada only if you’re eligible to travel – even if you already have a valid visitor visa or an eTA. Find out who can travel to Canada and current COVID-19 border measures.